Where are you?!

March 4, 2010

I haven’t written on this blog in FOREVER!!! Well, the last times I have written, they’ve been private posts, things I had to get out right then and there, but not share with the world ūüôā

Anyways,¬†I think I will come back to My PURPLE World and write again!¬† I have been busy with LIFE and living and the only places I write are on my hair blog -> From Fab Curls to Rockin¬†Locs, my twitter and my journal.¬† I deleted my original twitter AND face.book back in December.¬† I was getting annoyed with both!¬† But I found my way back to twitter…for all the fun contests that bloggers and companies each run via twitter! So far I’ve won some cool stuff so that’s really the only reason why I have a twitter again.

Umm let’s see. Definitely don’t have time or the energy to catch up, but I’m loving life! I think I always am or rather aspire to be loving life all the time! 2010 has been interesting thus far and I canNOT believe it is march already! time is flying by entirely TOO fast! I’ve got to live it up¬†some more to keep up!

– I totally can’t wait for the Spring to hit the #DMV! iHATE¬†this cold, snowy, icy, dreary weather!¬† Looking forward to flirty dresses, colorful prints and sandals!!!

– I find it SO funny how I can go from total infatuation, love, then hate, then love again for the same person in the span of hours, or days, or weeks, LOL! It’s kind of crazy..no, it’s really crazy! I’m thinking this time (rolls my eyes at myself) I’m going to be OK with being friends, because anything else is too much to process haha!

– But at the same time, I just don’t want to be FRIENDS!!! but, I enjoy our friendship! .. moving along

– I have this 5 inch pair of purple snake print mary janes that I love!! I wear them every chance I get! especially to work with a pencil skirt…yeah, it’s the best!

– umm, I am addicted to green tea! I drink like 5 cups a day! In addition to the at least 56 oz of water lol! Between the two I am bouncing off the walls ALL day @ work!

– That’s why I go to the gym when I get off work to use that energy to get in a great workout!

– Oh, so my latest obsesh( not really..but really!) is with men with beautiful long locs and military men! lol! (because they have traveled the world and have an enviable passport! plus they can tell me of all the places I MUST go before I die, kind of thing, yup!)

РOh! So in January, I was minding my business, driving in my SUV on the way to the gym in the snow when all of a sudden, I spin out across THREE lanes of traffic and end up completely turned around, facing on coming traffic after my truck SMASHED into the concrete siding on the road! it.was.intense. But thank GOD! I walked away from the accident!! They had my truck for a whole month before I got it back two weeks ago!

I’ve never been in an accident so it was kind of scary!¬† Point is, me and my “big bad SUV” aren’t as indestructible as I thought!¬†

– the 8 foot piles of snow in my front yard are taking FOREVER to melt! I think I never want to shovel snow for the rest of my life lol! Shoveling 2 feet one week and 3 feet the next on a long driveway is NOT.FUN!

– Well, I am off to read everyone’s blogs!

РI am excited because my hair is 5 months, and counting, and I am LOVING every minute of my cute locs, dreads Рwhatever you want to call them! My hair journey is eye-opening and enlightening! Plus, I love washing my hair every morning! That tea tree mint shampoo gives me an invigorating burst of freshness to start my day!

Ciao, ciao



New tattoo, V

December 24, 2009

My 5th tattoo:


And done:

I’m going to be honest, this one was THE most unpleasant of all of mine! O M GEEE! seriously! I was like, ummmm, can you be done already!?! But, I’m pleased with the work and the ink is fabulous! Makes all my other tat’s look ancient and dusty lol!

This is the ground work for an entire back piece that my artist and I are going to work on! I’ve got grand ideas! But for now, I’m good! This tattoo made me question my sanity LOL!

When he first did the outline, I had to focus on breathing haha! Never has a tattoo *hurt* before.¬† When he got down to the middle of my back, ummm, I sat bolt right up and was like, um OUCH! hahaha! That was such a crazy experience! It took a little over two hours, with a break, so you can imagine! When he was done with the outline, I was like, great, the worst isn’t even OVER! You see all that black filled in? Yeah, I was just breathing and talking and texting to get through it! Never balled up my face in pain, but I definitely felt like this would be my last one LOL! Only time will tell ūüôā



My Nail of the Day

November 17, 2009

I never post nail polish but I absolutely love this China Glaze – Let’s Do It In 3-D! It’s so uber-fab that I had to post it!¬† It’s discontinued in stores but, I got in on eBay for like $4!

I am absolutely LOVING the holo-glitter of this polish and best part! It covers in one coat! ( I did two for good measure, but one coat will do!) 

Dreadlock Barbies!!

November 12, 2009


Ah how FABulous!!! I found these over on Naturally Beautiful Hair blog! How chic and totally appropriate! I SO want one! ah! Check her blog for ordering information! These dolls would make a great addition to my collection of Barbies that I still have in their original boxes! ūüôā

No sleeves on my leather, please

November 5, 2009
*check my fashion piece over on Miss Princess Dominique Dishes Fashion*
If there is one essential piece for your Fall wardrobe, it is the bad girl, tough chic, leather jacket, duh!  Well, up your fierceness quotient by getting this trusty and updated trend by cutting off the sleeves (not literally) and rocking a sleeveless leather vest!

Sleeveless? Leather? Vest? – yes!! Get one! or two! The essential ones to have are the off-center all black tough girl biker vest with lots of exposed zippers, like this one by Alexander Wang – excellent craftsmanship! I can almost feel the suppleness of the leather through the screen!

  awangvest2awang vest

One is dove gray, because gray is oh so chic! This one by Express even has studs! score! It is also vegan friendly: (minus the) Leather studded vest


Check how to wear a sleeveless leather vest via the looks below:

Rag & Bone – I love, love, LOVE the jeans this vest is paired with! Total bad girl!


Vent Couvert – this is a chic cool way to wear a leather sleeveless vest in warmer climates

Vent Couvert

And this is my Polyvore set –¬†Rock a leather sans sleeves:

rock a leather, sans sleeves


Can’t leave you without pointing out the Haute-ness that is this cropped studded leather beauty! Letoya and Alicia are rocking it in their new videos, check it! Total dope hotness indeed! One thing’s for sure, you MUST¬†get yourself a stylish leather this season, whether cropped, or sleeveless and… ROCK IT!


Ciao! *B*

Hello Fab Ones!

October 15, 2009


So, so much has been going on! Life, love, work, etc etc! But in the midst of it all, I still remain fab! *as you can clearly see* lol! I’m playin but not really!

Anywho! I’m loving, LOVING my new hair and am being patient letting it do what it’s going to do! Because in a year I’m going to have a head full of Fabulous locs! *giddy*

I found some uberfabulous stuff in my Harper’s Bazaar this morning, check it:

I need these purple Gucci shades in my life! I’ve been rocking my YSL’s for a few years now, time to get a new pair ūüôā

These Louboutin chain link wedges are my ultimate Spring/Summer shoe! Starting a mini fund for them RIGHT now! Gotta have them!

Then I got an email from Aldo on thes HAUTE boots! Need these and a fab light weight gray leather jacket to fill my Fall leather quotient!

**umm sorry about the size of the pics, but they won’t resize!**

~insert bullet portion of this blog post~

– Oh yeah, so big things are about to happen for me – SO excited!

– Got a new-new crush, it’s mutual and oh so cute! he started it lol! adorable he is!

– comments such as “that’s SO not like you!” and “I can’t imagine you with ‘dreads’ ” make me laugh, like uh, so how am I? hmmm?

– partied all last weekend with my buddy B, going to do it all over again this weekend! viva la party!

– I can never pick what color nail polish to roack so I rock 3 or more at a time lol!


– *Clearly* some people aren’t meant to be in your life, so when they can easily walk out and NOT look back, pssht! let them GO! They aren’t part of the greater picture, your destiny and purpose ANYWAYS so…BYE!!!!! ūüôā

LOVE and ADORE my life right now! Couldn’t and Wouldn’t ask for anything more!

Ciao for now,



October 4, 2009

Wow! I haven’t written on here in a minute! Of course my Birthday vacation was AWESOME!!! But onto my new hair!

I love my curly hair, it’s so fab, why wouldn’t I?! But lately (read: the past few months) I’ve been ready for a next step, something new with my hair! Plus, I have serious hair envy when I see men and women with a fab head of beautiful dreadlocs!

I did my research and tried out different ways to loc my hair on the back of my head and finally decided on interlocking as a way to start my locs! I only did 12 and quickly realized, ummm I need someone else to do this for me!¬† I called up my good friend who has had her locs for 8 years and told her about my decision and she said she’d do it for me! YAY! so yesterday, October 3, 2009 marks the day my baby interlocked locs were born! Check them! I’ve also started a new blog to chronicle my new hair journey through pics and stuff – From Fab Curls to Rockin Locs


Countdown to my (Birthday) VACATION!!!

August 4, 2009

Day-cations and stay-cations don’t resonate well within my soul! ha! My body doesn’t understand why it hasn’t laid on white sandy beaches or¬† frolicked¬†in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean as of yet! My skin is a tad “pale” – ok, slightly bronzed, but not that fab bronzy glow I get when I travel to de islands mon!

So, on to my trip! I am mucho excited and just realized it is only 20 days away! yippee! I have been BLESSED to be able to go on a 4-day Western Caribbean cruise that stops in the Florida Keys and Cozumel! What’s even better is I will be celebrating my 28th birthday in Cozumel and on the high seas! dude! I’m elated!!! Even more fun, when we dock in Miami, we are staying there over the weekend! woop! partay fabulous!!!

And just to let you know HOW BLESSED this girl is! The grand total for my flights, 4-day cruise, hotel in MIAMI is……..$460! that’s right! Four hunnent and sixtay dollllllas yo! whooo hooo! The Lord was looking out for ya girl!!

I am just so thrilled that I get to go on vacation, that I get to celebrate my 28th BIRTHDAY not in VA and that the trip was way affordable! Trust and belive when I say I’m a Blessed girl! (This is just one of many of my blessings!!)

Countdown: 20 days to ship off!! woop woop!!

Good Music!

July 15, 2009

Here are some of my favorite Bible verses in song.

First up is one of my favorites, no matter who sings it! Better is One Day is an AMAZING song! Truly, better is one day in His courts than THOUSANDS elsewhere!!! I like this Kutless version alot! This song is based off of Psalm 84 Рplease read it here Рand then listen to it:

The next Bible verse is Isaiah 40:31 – But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

This verse has special meaning to me and EVERY morning I wake up and turn on 104.1 to listen to the Yolanda Adams morning show it is the first song I hear!¬† They That Wait by Fred Hammond is just the song to start your day off right!¬†It is also¬†God’s way to remind me to go ahead and wait on Him! He has what is best for me and I need to trust and keep the faith!¬† Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. –¬†is also another one of my favorite verses that goes along with Isaiah 40:13.

Listen to the song here:

Another verse that makes you stop and think is Proverbs 26:11 – As a dog returns to its vomit,¬†so a fool repeats his folly.¬† Think about that. Why do we return to the same sins, over and over again! because it’s comfortable? because we think we already know the outcome? I read somewhere the other day that “we can choose our sins, but we cannot choose the consequences.” That’s deep and resonates with me to the core.¬†

Check out Benjah’s Get Filtered; he references Proverbs 26:11:

Just had to share these songs with you! God is good to me and I LOVE my life! Through ups and downs, God is there no matter what and I am thankful He has blessed these artists with their talents to put the Gospel to song to reach us!!

Have a BLESSED day! I know I am!

Ciao, Ciao


P.S. – had to share this AWESOME picture I took the other day while tanning at the pool! Look at the cloud shaped like a heart and God’s love radiating around it! Oh, I LOVE it! Another sweet reminder from God that He loves all of His children!




Monday = wackest day ever!

July 13, 2009

omg! Ok, so first of all, i couldn’t sleep last night and ended up finally falling asleep around 4:30 am…ummm I wake up at 6 am! AHHHHHHHHHHH! THEN!!! I leave my house late, ofcourse, because I slept in til 7! I get on the toll road and forgot my change, so all I had was a dollar….How come the guy two cars in front of me spent…10 minutes…yes, 10 minutes talking to the toll booth person asking directions…….uh WHAT!!! get a GPS!

Wait, it gets better! So then I finally get to work, 30 minutes late mind you, and get situated for the day.  I go to fill up my water bottle, as I do every day, and bring it back to my desk. About 10 minutes later I go to grab my water bottle and what does it do???????? IT OPENS AND SPILLS ICE AND WATER EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! really?! like seriously?! ugh!

Then, I go to my doctor appointment – I get there 10 mins early. ummmmmmmm but how come the doctor wasn’t there!? Ummmm how come he was in his OTHER office that is 30 mins away! WHAT!!!!! but I’m told he was “close” so ummmm I got there at 10:30 and left at 12 noon…………..*dead face*

Ok, add to that the fact that I WON’T be going on Holiday for 15 months like I’d planned – don’t ask.

Really – right now, I’m ok, just laughing because clearly I must have done SOMETHING to deserve this barage of craptacular happenings in my life! But really. I can’t wait to get off work and go run! something has got to give. Like right now, It’s back to the drawing board but I have no more paper! ugh! just ugh!

*insert screw face, with a little bit of a sad face, and a big blank stare* – life, isn’t it grand!!!!!!!!!!!

Let’s pray that my day get better.¬† It has to!!!!!!!!