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Fab coat…now what scarf?!?

October 30, 2006

My new Kenneth Cole fall/winter coat. Very cute! Very flattering! Multifunctional and fashionable all in one! Princess seams in the back to die for!!! Loving the metal toggles! The button detail on the sleeve!! And ofcourse, I love my hood!! (Can never turn down a good hoodie, that’s for another post!) What more could a girl ask for in a fabulous coat!

So now, the questions and the pondering…What scarf should I wear, or just wear them all depending on mood? Most likely the latter, but what do you think?


– Banana Republic black “Missoni-esque”
– Purple nova checked cashmere Coach
– Hot pink reversible cashmere Coach (with matching hat, so CUTE!!)
– Orchid vintage pashmina
– Baby pink pashmina with rhinestones (cute, not cheesy)

So those are my choices. I will most likely be wearing them all this season as I live in bitter cold Northern Virginia! I will also be picking up a few more as I need to expand my scarf collection! So for you fashionistas that are doomed like me to live where it gets so cold you wish you were on the secluded island of St. John scuba diving! Which one would you wear? And do you have any suggestions for cute and fabulous new scarves??


I Rock a Leaf Chain!

October 25, 2006

On a pretty Saturday…What is a fashionista to do! Well, I cleaned my HUGE walk in closet and organized it! I think my brother’s words were, “We need to get cribs up in here!” I love my brother! While cleaning and organizing, I came across many, many things I just have simply not worn or used! What should I do with them? Do I throw them away? Do I give them away? Well, this fashionista is not dumb and I understand the value of a dollar. So instead of tossing these things to make more room in my closet for my new fall wardrobe, I pack it all up and head up to Bethesda to The Mustard Seed and sell my clothes!

The way this place works is you bring in your gently used clothing and accessories, they look them over, quote you a price, give you half and you walk out with some cash you didn’t have before you went in! OR while they are looking through your clothing, you browse their ULTRA cute store and find things, such as the pics below will show you, that you just can’t leave behind! This supercute boutique has a vintage section, shoes, accessories, lots of new jeans, cute stuff specific to the DC urea and SO much more!!!

I love my new cute bag and LUV! my leaf chain! Since I can’t rock the diamond encrusted blinged out cross chain I wish I had, this suits me just fine! Not to mention it’s damn fabulous with ANY outfit! So to all you fashionistas out there and the like, don’t just throw away your old stuff, go to the Mustard Seed in Bethesda and get some cash, or some cute clothes and accessories!!


October 23, 2006

Rumor has it that NBC has decided not to show the mock crucifixion Madonna has been staging on her ‘Confessions’ tour which the network will air Thursday.”

I am gonna go ahead and say for once, TV is right in their censorship! Madonna has taken things too far! Who is she to objectify herself as God?! She knows NOT what my Lord went through when He was hung on that cross! She has NO right!!! The crown of thorns, the cross!!! She’s clearly crazy! When I look at that picture, I wonder, does she EVEN know! the significance of that crown?! Does she!? I am outraged at this! I was too young to understand why people made such a fuss over her ‘Like a Prayer’ video, but once I got MTV and saw it, I was like, uh, what! Burning crosses! Yeah, “Throughout her career, Madonna has been known to cause controversy, from the outfits she wears, to her daring music videos and her performance antics.” BUT, this recent stunt is just plain insane! She knew she would upset plenty of people with this, but that’s what she does. This is not to bash Madonna, but what she did here is absolutely wrong and she should definitely be censored on her national TV concert!!!

The hallways are my runway

October 20, 2006

Normal model: 5’11, 99 pounds,slight to no hips, non existant or tiny boobs
Me: 5’1, not 99 pounds(I’d look crazy if I were, Nicole Richie!), some hips(not too much though, I like my premium denim!), lots of boobs 38DD…

Model Runway: Paris, Milan, New York, LA
My Runway: hallways @ CC3 building at AOL

They get makeup artists, hair stylists, AND they get to wear beautiful designer duds!
I put on my own makeup-lots of eye liner, always blackest black mascara, sweep of shimmer, I do my own hair-need to have Aziz put some funky highlights in, I wear – what I want! Sometimes designer, most times not. But it still all looks…Fabulous!

In my hallways at AOL, I see on a daily basis, khakis, pale pastel colored shirts, blue “power” button ups, awful shoes(steve madden black elastic shoes,wtf!), high water pants, stone washed jeans!, flip flops(all yr round!), POLYESTER!!! it’s everywhere! Now while, I own none of the aformentioned items, it seems it would be a given that anyone who has an inkling of fashion sense would stand out from the bland crowd, right? But then something weird happens. See some of these bland people try and mix some modern pieces with their god awfulness! They fail. I, ever the fashionista, don’t.

Now I don’t have the wardrobe of say, Kate Moss, or Tracy Reese at my disposal, but I works, yes works, with what I got! I like to dress nicely, who doesn’t. I like to dress in a way that reflects my mood, again, who doesn’t. I dress in a way that greatly reflects my personality; an extension of it of sorts. So when I’m riding in an elevator with frump 1,2 and 3, I will explain, I get “looks.” These looks do not disturb me, they amuse me. I am sorry, frump 1, that you are middle aged and have fallen in love with wearing awful fitting khakis and bland sweater sets that are so washed out the pills have pills on them! I’m sorry frump 2, that you have fallen victim to AOL’s dressed down dress code and feel you can only wear oversized sweatshirts and stupid baggy jeans! and I’m sorry frump 3, that you choose to wear stupid stuffy ugly business suits with chunky heeled steve madden boots and turtle neck chenille sweaters!!! That is none of my concern! Just take note. Also please at your earliest convenience, pick up a damn Lucky to start! Then graduate onto InStyle. Then once you are ready, pick up a Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and skim the pages. See what’s going on in the WORLD and throw away those damn clothes!

My runway: no Ana Wintour, or Andre Leon Talley. No photogs, no celebs in the front row. Just me, myself and my cute clothes and shoes!

Cinderella’d you girls from nothin to somethin

October 19, 2006

My perfect concert would consist of:

“It’s a known fact y’all tired of the circus/So come home where you smell the crack in the verses.” – Clipse

“I’m from Harlem Uptown, Where we flash money, take your bitch and ask you, what now?” – Dipset

“It Aint My Birthday But I Got My Name On My Cake”-Lil Wayne

“Can I live?” “If ya’ll n**** ain’t talkin about large money, what’s the point?”

“In a drop top chevy with the roof wide open my partners looking at me to see if my eyes open cause I’ve been drankin, and I’ve been smokin” – T.I.

“Jay-Z said he never prayed to God he prayed to gotti/I’m thinkin’ golly/God gaurded me from the ungodly”-Lupe Fiasco

Just some of my favorite men in the music biz right now.

Virginia Fashionista

October 19, 2006

VaFashionista is I. I grew up in Northern Va, not your typical fashion capital; if at all. The love of the finer things in life began early on in my childhood as I was the oldest and ONLY girl in my family. Weekly shopping trips for new dresses and shoes for me and new dresses and purses for my mom were what I was accustomed to. Where is that life now? I miss it. I want it. I need it. I will have it.

To help out with my “indulgent” lifestyle, I work; As most people do. I don’t think I particularly like working, but it affords me small luxuries here and there and hopefully in the future, rather large luxuries on a grandiose scale. I digress…Fashion is a state of mind. Fashion is fabulous. Fashion is necessary. Fashion is ineveitable, be it good or bad. Fashion is what I live for. Fashion is what i lust for. (the Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30 is my lust item of the moment) Fashion is inpisring. Fashion is motivating(skinny jeans? hello!). Fashion is fashion and I love it!

Nothing makes me happier than a perfectly draped dress that hangs just right! Or that perfectly sewn and tailored swing coat that just takes your breath away. There is nothing more beautiful than skyscrapingly tall 5 inch heeled sexy stilettos that will make any man stop and stare.

Perfect wardrobe:

Closet full of Chanel – dresses, skirts, jackets, and a plethora of handbags
Oscar de la Renta ball gowns, short and long
Christian Louboutin shoes – one pair for everyday of the year
The perfect pair of black pants…
Jeans, lots of jeans! skinny jeans, high waitsted jeans, trouser cut
DVF wrap dresses for days
LV bag for every occasion

“Trends are stupid!” – quote from a smart woman
Classic is always best, just put your spin on it!

Welcome to my Purple World

October 19, 2006

Purple is such a pretty color. It is my favorite color. My room = Purple Princess Palace. My glasses, Purple – Fendi, had to go all out. Purple is Royal. Purple is the color of my favorite pen. Lincoln Park After Dark – Dark Purple vampy nail polish I am wearing and will buy 5 more bottles of. Purple is a metaphor to how I see things. My world, in Purple. Stay tuned for more…