Cinderella’d you girls from nothin to somethin

My perfect concert would consist of:

“It’s a known fact y’all tired of the circus/So come home where you smell the crack in the verses.” – Clipse

“I’m from Harlem Uptown, Where we flash money, take your bitch and ask you, what now?” – Dipset

“It Aint My Birthday But I Got My Name On My Cake”-Lil Wayne

“Can I live?” “If ya’ll n**** ain’t talkin about large money, what’s the point?”

“In a drop top chevy with the roof wide open my partners looking at me to see if my eyes open cause I’ve been drankin, and I’ve been smokin” – T.I.

“Jay-Z said he never prayed to God he prayed to gotti/I’m thinkin’ golly/God gaurded me from the ungodly”-Lupe Fiasco

Just some of my favorite men in the music biz right now.


One Response to “Cinderella’d you girls from nothin to somethin”

  1. Empty Cup Says:

    I too, love really great rap lyrics. I personally like to use them in everyday convo and I love to hear others do it as well.

    Do I, to you, look like a lame


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