Virginia Fashionista

VaFashionista is I. I grew up in Northern Va, not your typical fashion capital; if at all. The love of the finer things in life began early on in my childhood as I was the oldest and ONLY girl in my family. Weekly shopping trips for new dresses and shoes for me and new dresses and purses for my mom were what I was accustomed to. Where is that life now? I miss it. I want it. I need it. I will have it.

To help out with my “indulgent” lifestyle, I work; As most people do. I don’t think I particularly like working, but it affords me small luxuries here and there and hopefully in the future, rather large luxuries on a grandiose scale. I digress…Fashion is a state of mind. Fashion is fabulous. Fashion is necessary. Fashion is ineveitable, be it good or bad. Fashion is what I live for. Fashion is what i lust for. (the Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30 is my lust item of the moment) Fashion is inpisring. Fashion is motivating(skinny jeans? hello!). Fashion is fashion and I love it!

Nothing makes me happier than a perfectly draped dress that hangs just right! Or that perfectly sewn and tailored swing coat that just takes your breath away. There is nothing more beautiful than skyscrapingly tall 5 inch heeled sexy stilettos that will make any man stop and stare.

Perfect wardrobe:

Closet full of Chanel – dresses, skirts, jackets, and a plethora of handbags
Oscar de la Renta ball gowns, short and long
Christian Louboutin shoes – one pair for everyday of the year
The perfect pair of black pants…
Jeans, lots of jeans! skinny jeans, high waitsted jeans, trouser cut
DVF wrap dresses for days
LV bag for every occasion

“Trends are stupid!” – quote from a smart woman
Classic is always best, just put your spin on it!


One Response to “Virginia Fashionista”

  1. Karinaxoxo Says:

    I agree about the louboutains – wouldn’t that be heaven on earth???

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