The hallways are my runway

Normal model: 5’11, 99 pounds,slight to no hips, non existant or tiny boobs
Me: 5’1, not 99 pounds(I’d look crazy if I were, Nicole Richie!), some hips(not too much though, I like my premium denim!), lots of boobs 38DD…

Model Runway: Paris, Milan, New York, LA
My Runway: hallways @ CC3 building at AOL

They get makeup artists, hair stylists, AND they get to wear beautiful designer duds!
I put on my own makeup-lots of eye liner, always blackest black mascara, sweep of shimmer, I do my own hair-need to have Aziz put some funky highlights in, I wear – what I want! Sometimes designer, most times not. But it still all looks…Fabulous!

In my hallways at AOL, I see on a daily basis, khakis, pale pastel colored shirts, blue “power” button ups, awful shoes(steve madden black elastic shoes,wtf!), high water pants, stone washed jeans!, flip flops(all yr round!), POLYESTER!!! it’s everywhere! Now while, I own none of the aformentioned items, it seems it would be a given that anyone who has an inkling of fashion sense would stand out from the bland crowd, right? But then something weird happens. See some of these bland people try and mix some modern pieces with their god awfulness! They fail. I, ever the fashionista, don’t.

Now I don’t have the wardrobe of say, Kate Moss, or Tracy Reese at my disposal, but I works, yes works, with what I got! I like to dress nicely, who doesn’t. I like to dress in a way that reflects my mood, again, who doesn’t. I dress in a way that greatly reflects my personality; an extension of it of sorts. So when I’m riding in an elevator with frump 1,2 and 3, I will explain, I get “looks.” These looks do not disturb me, they amuse me. I am sorry, frump 1, that you are middle aged and have fallen in love with wearing awful fitting khakis and bland sweater sets that are so washed out the pills have pills on them! I’m sorry frump 2, that you have fallen victim to AOL’s dressed down dress code and feel you can only wear oversized sweatshirts and stupid baggy jeans! and I’m sorry frump 3, that you choose to wear stupid stuffy ugly business suits with chunky heeled steve madden boots and turtle neck chenille sweaters!!! That is none of my concern! Just take note. Also please at your earliest convenience, pick up a damn Lucky to start! Then graduate onto InStyle. Then once you are ready, pick up a Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and skim the pages. See what’s going on in the WORLD and throw away those damn clothes!

My runway: no Ana Wintour, or Andre Leon Talley. No photogs, no celebs in the front row. Just me, myself and my cute clothes and shoes!


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  1. Fashion Kitty Says:

    Welcome to the blogging world!!

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