Rumor has it that NBC has decided not to show the mock crucifixion Madonna has been staging on her ‘Confessions’ tour which the network will air Thursday.”

I am gonna go ahead and say for once, TV is right in their censorship! Madonna has taken things too far! Who is she to objectify herself as God?! She knows NOT what my Lord went through when He was hung on that cross! She has NO right!!! The crown of thorns, the cross!!! She’s clearly crazy! When I look at that picture, I wonder, does she EVEN know! the significance of that crown?! Does she!? I am outraged at this! I was too young to understand why people made such a fuss over her ‘Like a Prayer’ video, but once I got MTV and saw it, I was like, uh, what! Burning crosses! Yeah, “Throughout her career, Madonna has been known to cause controversy, from the outfits she wears, to her daring music videos and her performance antics.” BUT, this recent stunt is just plain insane! She knew she would upset plenty of people with this, but that’s what she does. This is not to bash Madonna, but what she did here is absolutely wrong and she should definitely be censored on her national TV concert!!!


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