I Rock a Leaf Chain!

On a pretty Saturday…What is a fashionista to do! Well, I cleaned my HUGE walk in closet and organized it! I think my brother’s words were, “We need to get cribs up in here!” I love my brother! While cleaning and organizing, I came across many, many things I just have simply not worn or used! What should I do with them? Do I throw them away? Do I give them away? Well, this fashionista is not dumb and I understand the value of a dollar. So instead of tossing these things to make more room in my closet for my new fall wardrobe, I pack it all up and head up to Bethesda to The Mustard Seed and sell my clothes!

The way this place works is you bring in your gently used clothing and accessories, they look them over, quote you a price, give you half and you walk out with some cash you didn’t have before you went in! OR while they are looking through your clothing, you browse their ULTRA cute store and find things, such as the pics below will show you, that you just can’t leave behind! This supercute boutique has a vintage section, shoes, accessories, lots of new jeans, cute stuff specific to the DC urea and SO much more!!!

I love my new cute bag and LUV! my leaf chain! Since I can’t rock the diamond encrusted blinged out cross chain I wish I had, this suits me just fine! Not to mention it’s damn fabulous with ANY outfit! So to all you fashionistas out there and the like, don’t just throw away your old stuff, go to the Mustard Seed in Bethesda and get some cash, or some cute clothes and accessories!!


3 Responses to “I Rock a Leaf Chain!”

  1. Fashion Kitty Says:

    The bag looks damn good- i need one. STAT

  2. Karinaxoxo Says:

    Love the stam bag.
    The leaf is awesome because its not the usual gold chain and the leaf is just really different.

  3. Juicy Says:

    Thank you for the info… I live in Columbia, and I never knew about it.

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