Fab coat…now what scarf?!?

My new Kenneth Cole fall/winter coat. Very cute! Very flattering! Multifunctional and fashionable all in one! Princess seams in the back to die for!!! Loving the metal toggles! The button detail on the sleeve!! And ofcourse, I love my hood!! (Can never turn down a good hoodie, that’s for another post!) What more could a girl ask for in a fabulous coat!

So now, the questions and the pondering…What scarf should I wear, or just wear them all depending on mood? Most likely the latter, but what do you think?


– Banana Republic black “Missoni-esque”
– Purple nova checked cashmere Coach
– Hot pink reversible cashmere Coach (with matching hat, so CUTE!!)
– Orchid vintage pashmina
– Baby pink pashmina with rhinestones (cute, not cheesy)

So those are my choices. I will most likely be wearing them all this season as I live in bitter cold Northern Virginia! I will also be picking up a few more as I need to expand my scarf collection! So for you fashionistas that are doomed like me to live where it gets so cold you wish you were on the secluded island of St. John scuba diving! Which one would you wear? And do you have any suggestions for cute and fabulous new scarves??


2 Responses to “Fab coat…now what scarf?!?”

  1. Karinaxoxo Says:

    I’d go with the reversible coach one… its girly but still classy.

  2. diveplandestroyer Says:

    Hi, I came here accidently and need to blame you. You stole about 1 hour of my valuable lifetime. I am joking, …nice read, you got some nice points, thanks a lot for sharing.

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