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November 30, 2006


So i just…

November 30, 2006

Kirked out!!! on some crazy a** m*****f*****s!!! I am SOOO heated right now!!! First, I go to this store to return two items that I ordered offline.

A. I had the receipt and the items were still wrapped in the plastic they came in

B. I only wanted to switch size and color for the two items

C. No one, at 11 o’clock in the morning felt like working so I had to bust into a fitting room!

D. When I was ready to make the exchange, the slovenly sloths behind the counter took their sweet time ringing up the one customer other than myself they had!

E. This crazy old PRican grandmother, i only adress her nationality as she begins to go off in her native tounge/english…muttering about stuff

F. This crazy lady is mad at the world, mad that the tags from the stuff I got online are apparently different than the tags in the store (um, did I have anyting to do with that, NO!!)

G. Then she just wrote return on my slip, threw my two new things in a bag and was like here! WTF! Bitch is lucky I had to go back to work, or else I woulda jumped over that counter and wrung her damn neck for being so damn sloth like and RUDE!!! (this is her haha!…sloth)

So then, my friend and I had to stop by the post office…bad idea as today is grumpy old people day! We get to the counter and she needs to pay for her envelopes and stamps. Grumpy Gus is like “These aren’t sealed. You have to seal them to mail them.”

Um, Duh! Ok so he was mad rude then and THEN she went to pay for her items, which she handed the old crotchety man the money, then this assclown decides to THROW, yes THROW the change across the counter! WHOOOAAA!!! hellll to the nah!!!

I was speechless! This crazy ass man has just taken my morning to another level! I was like, ” wow, so now we throw change at people!”

So as we were leaving the post office, much to my friend’s chagrin, I took some envelopes and threw them across the floor! I was ssssssssoooooooooo mad! people don’t treat people that way! NO WAY!!!

Now my friends know I have one hell of a temper sometimes, and I do my damnest to supress my anger at idiotic imbiciles, but something today with the poor, unsatisfactory customer service that I received today really set me off!

**Thanks for letting me rant** **Also, that pic above is actually titled “Going Crazy”**

I had to share…

November 29, 2006

Soooooo this is why I can’t find any pretty Poinsettias!

Damn that “Ms.Jay”


November 29, 2006

So I decided to write a blog with a little bit of substance! haha Can I just say how extremely thrilled I am that while I will be in NY this weekend to celebrate my friend’s b-day, the massive Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center will be lit!!! YAY!! I am too excited!! I love Christmas time! The tree will be lit tonight! How fun!

I can’t wait to get there and go ice skating too! I am also going to slip in a bit of shopping at good ol Century 21, but I must say I am more excited about going ice skating at Rockefeller Center! I used to ice skate when I was younger all the time! I remember my first pair of ice skates…white and purple! They were so cute!

That is truly one thing I miss most about being a working adult; being a kid with little to no responsibilities. Remember when all you had to worry about was the outfit your mom was going to pick out for you for picture day, or what boy chased you the other day on the playground because he liked you! Oh to be a kid!

Christmas time is my favorite and worst time of the year. Favorite because I get to be around alot of family, worst because I get to be around alot of family! haha! You all know how family can be! But I love them and love to spoil them on Christmas. Nothing big, just thoughtful gifts you know. I love to see their faces when they unwrap that gift they never knew they wanted but will cherish forever. I especially like to watch my little brother, who is 8, unwrap his gifts! The excitement in his eyes is priceless! I also enjoy staying up late night with my mom on Christmas eve, wrapping gifts for my brothers and grandmother.

So maybe it won’t be too bad if it flurries a little bit while in NY; It will add to the ambience!

I want this NOW

November 28, 2006

This truly brightened up my day!!! It’s so fab! I can already see it on my finger! I may just have to get this for myself! Why not? I get one piece per year to add to my collection, why not have this marvelous bauble, no? May have to sneak over to Fink’s Jewelers after work or go into Neimans this weekend to check it out! I like the little Pave Diamond one too 😉

Look what I got!!

November 27, 2006

The finishing touch(es) to my outfit for NY! Scooped these lovelies at Vogue to Vintage here in Reston for a measley…$15!!! I love them!! They are the perfect rocker chic edge to my rocker chic boots! Can’t wait till Saturday!!! How about we all do a ‘no rain-wind-snow’ dance so I don’t freeze or get snowed on while in NY 😉

I dream in diamonds

November 23, 2006

I love love love this Tiffany’s collection! If you don’t know, I am a star! And what better way to let the world know than with pieces from this magnificent collection from Tiff’s!

I want every piece! But these in particular…


I mean what’s better than diamonds in a star theme!!! I MUST get the ring at least!!!

December 12!!

November 20, 2006

I have been patiently waiting for the release of this DVD and I can wait no more! Screw Black Friday! I will be first in line to get this DVD! I mean it’s been looooooooong enough since it hit theatres…JUNE!!!

So at you can pre-order it and it will be sent to you, but I prefer to go get it and pay for it and have it in my hands so I can go home after a long dumb fashionless day at work and watch this hilarious movie again and again and again! over many bottles of Red Wine because with the holidays comes family and Beaujolais, my vice, is my only escape…

Anywho! I can’t wait till December 12…or until I get off of work!!!

Brass Knuckles

November 18, 2006

So my friend showed me this purse, well to call it simply a purse is just not enough, this to me is the epitome of fashion meets funtion meets high style. The designer James Piatt says this about this unique bag called PeaceKeeper 300…

In an age when it is difficult to avoid terror take charge of the streets and look fashionable with a PeaceKeeker handbag. This handbag is now manufactured with a soft medical grade polyurethane handle.”

How lovely! and at the lowest price I’ve ever seen a purse that I actually LIKED!!! This bag goes for a measly $75!!! My only wish…that it came in a more tough girl chic color like black pebbled leather or for that chick that has a bit of dominatrix in her, a black patent leather version…just a thought 🙂

Gwen, is that you?

November 16, 2006

I love, love, love this look on Gwen!!! Not only is she channeling one of the hottest female characters in the world’s greatest movie EVER made(Scarface…)! but she looks damn fabulous! quite a change from this… When I saw this pic of Gwen I was like, WOW! I’m sure this is one of her promo pics for her new album or something, but I just love the over all look. I love her hair, the eyes, the sunglasses, her body language. I don’t know, there is just something about this picture that is just wonderful! I’m glad Gwen is back in business!