High Style

I must say, this took my breath away! Can’t you see it…Leaving your lavish estate in Italy, hopping on your yacht with all of this beautiful and wonderous luggage, on a trip…to wherever you want to go! Hell you have luggage to die for and a yacht to play on! Who cares where you go! You are going in high style!

The more I see such lavish and pretty things, I come back to wondering why it is that I do not have these things. That perhaps when I wake up, I will be waking up in that Italian villa, with the sound of waves crashing along the Amalfi coast…ah, it will be one day, one day…


2 Responses to “High Style”

  1. Fashion Kitty Says:

    Stunning! One day my friend…one day.

  2. Karinaxoxo Says:

    hehe @ fashion kitty – one day!! We can dream until then though right???

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