Me & my Purple Dress

Soooo I’ve decided on this sexy little number by Lotta Stenson. So now…on to accessories! I have a closet full of ideas! Here are some pictures just to give you an idea of how I’m going to rock my little ‘Purple’ dress…

First up – The SHOES!! These are just an example as I have the exact same pair (that I bought three, yes three years ago!) Ofcourse they are not Jimmy Choo such as these hot numbers that will run you a pretty penny…$950 @ Net-A-Porter but they look just like them! Pointy toe, high, high heel, silver instead of gold grommets sans the chain hanging off the heel…nice buy at a secret locale, but I have been rocking them for years and will rock them till the heel falls off!!

Next – the tights. It’s gonna be ass cold in NY and what a fab way to show off my legs in high style! Nothing better than black opaque tights!

Now, onto the jewelry! I have a couple pairs of *BLING* *BLING* solitaire studs that my fab friend Kristen got me in St. Thomas for my birthday! I like to keep my earrings as minimal but as fab as possbile. I’m past my days of dangly earrings and hoops. Anyways they look something like this…

So the only thing I need is one hell of a chain necklace! Now I know I can always fall back on my leaf chain but I want something like this… but bigger, ofcourse! and more than one *wink*

Ofcourse, these are just preliminary ideas, my mind and mood changes just like the weather so who knows, but this is a fab start!



3 Responses to “Me & my Purple Dress”

  1. Fashion Kitty Says:

    I need those shoes, so I too can rock them until the heel falls off!

  2. The Bougie Broad Says:

    Please style me! That purple dress is hot! Lovin’ the blog.

  3. Karinaxoxo Says:

    Good choice… you’ll look haute.

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