Brass Knuckles

So my friend showed me this purse, well to call it simply a purse is just not enough, this to me is the epitome of fashion meets funtion meets high style. The designer James Piatt says this about this unique bag called PeaceKeeper 300…

In an age when it is difficult to avoid terror take charge of the streets and look fashionable with a PeaceKeeker handbag. This handbag is now manufactured with a soft medical grade polyurethane handle.”

How lovely! and at the lowest price I’ve ever seen a purse that I actually LIKED!!! This bag goes for a measly $75!!! My only wish…that it came in a more tough girl chic color like black pebbled leather or for that chick that has a bit of dominatrix in her, a black patent leather version…just a thought 🙂


2 Responses to “Brass Knuckles”

  1. Karinaxoxo Says:

    I agree – i think a rough black/brown leather would suit it better. It looks cute to me. hehe


    Ooh la love, how hot is that? Beats my pepper spray, beats my too-many-soy-latte-inspired ideas to cover my pepper spray in Swarovski crystals…

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