December 12!!

I have been patiently waiting for the release of this DVD and I can wait no more! Screw Black Friday! I will be first in line to get this DVD! I mean it’s been looooooooong enough since it hit theatres…JUNE!!!

So at you can pre-order it and it will be sent to you, but I prefer to go get it and pay for it and have it in my hands so I can go home after a long dumb fashionless day at work and watch this hilarious movie again and again and again! over many bottles of Red Wine because with the holidays comes family and Beaujolais, my vice, is my only escape…

Anywho! I can’t wait till December 12…or until I get off of work!!!


2 Responses to “December 12!!”

  1. Fashion Kitty Says:

    Uggh. I have been wondering when the hell that movie was coming out. I need to see it again!

  2. Karinaxoxo Says:

    ohhh i wonder if i can pre order it from Aus???

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