So I decided to write a blog with a little bit of substance! haha Can I just say how extremely thrilled I am that while I will be in NY this weekend to celebrate my friend’s b-day, the massive Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center will be lit!!! YAY!! I am too excited!! I love Christmas time! The tree will be lit tonight! How fun!

I can’t wait to get there and go ice skating too! I am also going to slip in a bit of shopping at good ol Century 21, but I must say I am more excited about going ice skating at Rockefeller Center! I used to ice skate when I was younger all the time! I remember my first pair of ice skates…white and purple! They were so cute!

That is truly one thing I miss most about being a working adult; being a kid with little to no responsibilities. Remember when all you had to worry about was the outfit your mom was going to pick out for you for picture day, or what boy chased you the other day on the playground because he liked you! Oh to be a kid!

Christmas time is my favorite and worst time of the year. Favorite because I get to be around alot of family, worst because I get to be around alot of family! haha! You all know how family can be! But I love them and love to spoil them on Christmas. Nothing big, just thoughtful gifts you know. I love to see their faces when they unwrap that gift they never knew they wanted but will cherish forever. I especially like to watch my little brother, who is 8, unwrap his gifts! The excitement in his eyes is priceless! I also enjoy staying up late night with my mom on Christmas eve, wrapping gifts for my brothers and grandmother.

So maybe it won’t be too bad if it flurries a little bit while in NY; It will add to the ambience!


One Response to “Substance”

  1. Karinaxoxo Says:

    OHHH i am sooo jealous!!!
    have fun.

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