So i just…

Kirked out!!! on some crazy a** m*****f*****s!!! I am SOOO heated right now!!! First, I go to this store to return two items that I ordered offline.

A. I had the receipt and the items were still wrapped in the plastic they came in

B. I only wanted to switch size and color for the two items

C. No one, at 11 o’clock in the morning felt like working so I had to bust into a fitting room!

D. When I was ready to make the exchange, the slovenly sloths behind the counter took their sweet time ringing up the one customer other than myself they had!

E. This crazy old PRican grandmother, i only adress her nationality as she begins to go off in her native tounge/english…muttering about stuff

F. This crazy lady is mad at the world, mad that the tags from the stuff I got online are apparently different than the tags in the store (um, did I have anyting to do with that, NO!!)

G. Then she just wrote return on my slip, threw my two new things in a bag and was like here! WTF! Bitch is lucky I had to go back to work, or else I woulda jumped over that counter and wrung her damn neck for being so damn sloth like and RUDE!!! (this is her haha!…sloth)

So then, my friend and I had to stop by the post office…bad idea as today is grumpy old people day! We get to the counter and she needs to pay for her envelopes and stamps. Grumpy Gus is like “These aren’t sealed. You have to seal them to mail them.”

Um, Duh! Ok so he was mad rude then and THEN she went to pay for her items, which she handed the old crotchety man the money, then this assclown decides to THROW, yes THROW the change across the counter! WHOOOAAA!!! hellll to the nah!!!

I was speechless! This crazy ass man has just taken my morning to another level! I was like, ” wow, so now we throw change at people!”

So as we were leaving the post office, much to my friend’s chagrin, I took some envelopes and threw them across the floor! I was ssssssssoooooooooo mad! people don’t treat people that way! NO WAY!!!

Now my friends know I have one hell of a temper sometimes, and I do my damnest to supress my anger at idiotic imbiciles, but something today with the poor, unsatisfactory customer service that I received today really set me off!

**Thanks for letting me rant** **Also, that pic above is actually titled “Going Crazy”**

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