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I’ve come back to my senses!

December 20, 2006
And now I must choose between…
The Speedy 25


The Speedy 30
Tough decision huh!? haha There is only a $20 difference between the two, but the size difference is something i’ve got to think about. Thanks to my girl, Kristen, talking some sense into me, I’ve came back to the original, my love, the Monogrammed Speedy. What more purse do i need to buy once one of these babies is in my possession! NONE! that’s what! NONE!

Look what I got!

December 19, 2006

Sometimes coming to work is worth it! So far I’ve gotten See’s Candies, Godiva Chocolates and I very cute bar set for my new place from sales people and the clients I manage. But today, I got a package from Sephora! What a wonderful surprise! I open up my chicly packaged gift and read the hand written card! *nice touch* To my surprise and delight I find fun products that I’ve wanted to try and haven’t.

Here is what I received:

Stila illuminating tinted moisturizer – am going to give this to my friend Fashion Kitty b/c the shade is just right for her 😉

Philosophy Gingerbread man shower gel/bubble bath – smells fun and festive for the holidays!
Cargo lip gloss pots – one is bright pink and the other a soft pink

Lip Fusion gloss in Fresh – fun color indeed! Wearing now and I loves it!

Kinerase intensive treatment for all skin types – looks heavy duty, I shall use it at night time!

Insolence fragrance by Guerlain – eh, i could give or take this one, not my style of fragrance

and last but NOT least…Bare Escentuals tinted mineral veil – for all skin types! This stuff is simply amazing! and the brush that comes with is to die for! I’ve never had a face brush so damn nice in my life!!! But on to this mineral veil! Where has it been all my life! Fashion Kitty and I went to Sephora one summer afternoon to play around and buy some stuff. We saw this bare Minerals and decided we should give it a try! We had the girl apply it on our face! WHAT A MISTAKE AND DISASTER!!! We looked as if we had put baking flour on our faces! Who knows what that girl did but she did it wrong! This one little step of the process, the mineral veil is amazing! I LOATHE foundations and powders! They are the bane of my existance! Thank goodness I do not need them, but sometimes it’s nice to have a matte, perfect finish to your facial routine. I swiped some of this mineral veil on and viola! It’s perfectly light and I love it! I am a dedicated customer from here on out!

Yay for holidays and surprise gifts!!!

I used to…

December 18, 2006

Love him. I don’t love him anymore. I do miss him. I think he is stupid. I think he is ridiculous. I don’t think he warrants a blog to be written about him, but it’s on my mind. I think his life is a waste. I think he is a horrible excuse for man kind. I think he’s one hell of a loser. I also think he has awful taste. Bad taste. Pitiful taste. he should open his eyes. But he can’t. He smokes too much. he might be the ultimate loser. More ultimate than the ULTIMATE loser I knew for way too long. Or that loser with 4 kids (wtf!) but yes, he trumps them both. He’s the loser of 2006.

That’s all

get her some smelling salts!!

December 16, 2006

That’s what my mom said last night after a night of shopping…So we go to Needless Markup (Neiman Marcus) so that I could pick up my gift for my mom and she wants to go look at the Louis Boutique. She wants to take a look at the Manhattan GM and I want to play with the Damier Speedy 30 again. So I grab the speedy and I empty it, put my own stuff in and strut around with the bag. But something is amiss! There is no joy, I don’t get that “feeling” as I once did when they were special order only…something is truly wrong! I do NOT like this bag anymore! I do not like ANY Louis Vuitton bag anymore! Something is WRONG!!! My love for the hand crafted wonderfulness that is Louis Vuitton is no longer what I desire! *gasp* Something happened when I tried that bag on for the upteenth time! Either way I held it, I just did not like it! Perhaps it’s because the bag is like .2% leather and all canvas and costs so much, but I was able to overlook that in the past, having owned two! What happened last night opened my eyes. I’m not sure what it opened my eyes to, but I am truly confused! Now what kind of bag am I going to treat myself to when I get my tax return!!! Should I take that $620 I was going to spend on the speedy 30 and apply it to a Chanel bag?! What do I do! AH!! Maybe not having a Louis for so long (8 months) has made me realize the value of a dollar? or made me realize I need to spend my money on a quality product? I have NO idea! I did not know that not having a Louis for so long would make my desire completely dissipate, but it has…
There has been a slight change that is only perceptible to me…I wonder if it’s because I am getting older (wiser). Perhaps I am thinking things through more. Perhaps I’d rather take that money and go on another week long vacation on another tropical island??? Who knows! But I do hope I snap out of this because I NEED a new bag!!

Barbie World

December 13, 2006

A holiday Barbie is a gift I look forward to each and every year! I have been collecting the Holiday Barbies since I was about 10 years old. (old enough to just leave them alone in their packages!) Every year I knew which gift was my holiday Barbie by the shape of the box, so my mom would leave her out in a special place so that was the first thing I saw, past all of the gifts under the tree! I loved all of their pretty dresses; they were always so immaculate and fascinating!

As I got older, I became interested in the Barbies designed by fashion designers. Although I have yet to purchase one, because of the hefty price tags, I may be quite interested in purchasing this DVF Barbie. She is one of the cutest and savvy Barbies yet! Thanks to Want Need Have’s post on her, I may have to add her to my Christmas list!
I also went to the Mattel website and found this link to the Barbie Collector’s site ( It is a whole world of Barbies to collect! They are previewing the 2007 collector Barbies and I have picked out a few that I like!

-Model of the Moment – Nichelle Urban Hipster

So to all who are still trying to live through their inner kid, go check out the Barbie website. It will take you back to when you were a little girl and couldn’t wait to get home and open that new Barbie and play with her hair!

Metallic Louboutins

December 12, 2006
The key to my heart! I’m in LOVE! These might be my most favorite pair of Louboutins yet! Now if only I could get around paying that pesky $690 price tag……and yes that is part of my cubicle you see in the pic! I had to take the pic out of the magazine and gaze at them daily for motivation to keep working so that I can own these!! Has anyone seen them before? All the stores that carry Louboutin have the lame colors, like all gold, gold and silver, BLAH! I want my purple and gold wedges! If anyone spots them at a store, let me know because I might be crazy enough to just get them and wear them everyday to work to pay off my debt! tee hee 😉

Celeb Fun Monday photos

December 11, 2006

“Law enforcement officers told TMZ Nicole Richie admitted she had taken Vicodin and smoked pot.” – hahaha story
Someone please, please oh please tell this trick to S.T.O.P. “reinventing” herself! You can’t dress up a trailor!

Someone, quick! Get this man a razor and direct him OUT of his grandpa’s closet!

Um, Diddy, A. PLEASE get these girls a damn stylist and 2. this has got to be THE most unflattering shot of them!!!

Someone, save this woman from herself!

AND last but NOT least, yet so, so ashy…FLAVOR FLAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVV!!!!

I can’t tell what bothers me more about this photo,the fact that he tongue kissed and rubbed down all them nasty chicks on his show and they LET him and he looks like this! Or the fact that this man is the ashy-est man alive on the whole planet! His damn hands are as gray as the hair on his head! He needs to be bathed and dipped in cocoa butter! STAT!

Jim Jones’ Christmas List

December 10, 2006

So I’m listening to the radio while driving to go for a Bridesmaid dress fitting and to start(yes, start) my Christmas shopping and I hear Mr. Jim Jones a.k.a. BBBAAALLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIINNNNNNN! talk about why he loves Christmas time so much and how he wants to bring it back to the good old days where there were Christmas lights up and down the street in the hood! AND to talk about his upcoming Dipset Christmas album…Now I love me some Dipset and Juelz and Cam’ron, but a Dipset Christmas, nah, I’ll pass.

So the radio personality asked Mr. Jones what is on his Christmas wish list, hahahahahahahaha please see below for his Christmas wish list…can I just get one of these things?!?!

First up is the Lambourghini Gallardo Spyder…

Next G4 flight service for a year…

Now there were a couple other things on his wish list but I tuned them out because I think that these are two things I definitely can’t live without either! So…who’s buying! 😉

Guilty Pleasures, Music edition…

December 7, 2006

A few music videos that I have to admit, I listen to and watch while working to break up the day…I am swearing you to secrecy haha

Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne – You

Ciara – Promise

Beyonce – Irreplaceble

Coco Cuff Love

December 6, 2006

Ah, a good cuff is hard to find! But not if it’s made by that fabulous house of fashion that we all lovingly know and lust for, Chanel. Each year there is a cuff that I ‘must’ have yet somehow end up not having 😦 This is the one I MUST have and WILL have if I have anything to do with it!! Who wouldn’t want this cuff! It’s everything!