I love Fendi too…

…but not this much! And I used to love Kanye too, but lately he’s been on my ish list! Kanye lost his whole mind when he got commercial success. Now, I love his passion and his drive, I just wish his music and his personality had stayed the same when he was so hungry to get into the game.

I remember when my friend Kristen and I used to go from little dirty DC club to club just to hear and see him perform! We actually got to meet him once when John Legend pulled my friend back into the VIP room. That is the Kanye I knew and loved.

I remember my first interaction with him, very minimal, but fun. We were at this go-go club in DC, waiting patiently for ‘Ye to come out and perform! I’m talking about we were in the front, right by the stage waiting in 4 inch heels for about 3 hours listening to the go-go band perform. I remember exactly what I was wearing that day too. (this has some significance to the story šŸ™‚ ) I had on these bleached, deconstructed jeans that I had made, and a cute long sleeved polo, and some lilac pumps. The moment he came onto the stage, it was damn mayhem!! All these crazies that had ben chillin at the back of the club bumrushed the stage! But I held my own, literally. I had to brace myself against a speaker and put my foot on the stage to push back. In the midst of him spitting a rhyme from his College Dropout album, he looked at me, saw me struggling to push back, pointed at his jeans and mine and was like, “nice jeans” and gave me that cute smile of his and a thumbs up! hahaha He also had on some bleached and destroyed jeans, Paper Demin and Cloth ones, but it was our little bonding moment…in my delusional mind!

Anyways, needless to say, Kanye’s expressiveness is still refreshing. I will just wear my Fendi on my arm or carry it in clutch form šŸ˜‰


2 Responses to “I love Fendi too…”

  1. maya Says:

    you are so so lucky.
    i wish i could have met kanye west.
    but yeah, he is getting rather cocky.
    but he is still gorgeous.

  2. marinamode Says:

    Hi. Your blog is great ! I leave in France and I love fashion. If you enjoy shoes, take a look on my shoes
    Marina (from France)

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