Jim Jones’ Christmas List

So I’m listening to the radio while driving to go for a Bridesmaid dress fitting and to start(yes, start) my Christmas shopping and I hear Mr. Jim Jones a.k.a. BBBAAALLLLLLLLLIIIIIIIINNNNNNN! talk about why he loves Christmas time so much and how he wants to bring it back to the good old days where there were Christmas lights up and down the street in the hood! AND to talk about his upcoming Dipset Christmas album…Now I love me some Dipset and Juelz and Cam’ron, but a Dipset Christmas, nah, I’ll pass.

So the radio personality asked Mr. Jones what is on his Christmas wish list, hahahahahahahaha please see below for his Christmas wish list…can I just get one of these things?!?!

First up is the Lambourghini Gallardo Spyder…

Next G4 flight service for a year…

Now there were a couple other things on his wish list but I tuned them out because I think that these are two things I definitely can’t live without either! So…who’s buying! 😉


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