Celeb Fun Monday photos

“Law enforcement officers told TMZ Nicole Richie admitted she had taken Vicodin and smoked pot.” – hahaha story
Someone please, please oh please tell this trick to S.T.O.P. “reinventing” herself! You can’t dress up a trailor!

Someone, quick! Get this man a razor and direct him OUT of his grandpa’s closet!

Um, Diddy, A. PLEASE get these girls a damn stylist and 2. this has got to be THE most unflattering shot of them!!!

Someone, save this woman from herself!

AND last but NOT least, yet so, so ashy…FLAVOR FLAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVV!!!!

I can’t tell what bothers me more about this photo,the fact that he tongue kissed and rubbed down all them nasty chicks on his show and they LET him and he looks like this! Or the fact that this man is the ashy-est man alive on the whole planet! His damn hands are as gray as the hair on his head! He needs to be bathed and dipped in cocoa butter! STAT!


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