get her some smelling salts!!

That’s what my mom said last night after a night of shopping…So we go to Needless Markup (Neiman Marcus) so that I could pick up my gift for my mom and she wants to go look at the Louis Boutique. She wants to take a look at the Manhattan GM and I want to play with the Damier Speedy 30 again. So I grab the speedy and I empty it, put my own stuff in and strut around with the bag. But something is amiss! There is no joy, I don’t get that “feeling” as I once did when they were special order only…something is truly wrong! I do NOT like this bag anymore! I do not like ANY Louis Vuitton bag anymore! Something is WRONG!!! My love for the hand crafted wonderfulness that is Louis Vuitton is no longer what I desire! *gasp* Something happened when I tried that bag on for the upteenth time! Either way I held it, I just did not like it! Perhaps it’s because the bag is like .2% leather and all canvas and costs so much, but I was able to overlook that in the past, having owned two! What happened last night opened my eyes. I’m not sure what it opened my eyes to, but I am truly confused! Now what kind of bag am I going to treat myself to when I get my tax return!!! Should I take that $620 I was going to spend on the speedy 30 and apply it to a Chanel bag?! What do I do! AH!! Maybe not having a Louis for so long (8 months) has made me realize the value of a dollar? or made me realize I need to spend my money on a quality product? I have NO idea! I did not know that not having a Louis for so long would make my desire completely dissipate, but it has…
There has been a slight change that is only perceptible to me…I wonder if it’s because I am getting older (wiser). Perhaps I am thinking things through more. Perhaps I’d rather take that money and go on another week long vacation on another tropical island??? Who knows! But I do hope I snap out of this because I NEED a new bag!!


One Response to “get her some smelling salts!!”

  1. Fashion Kitty Says:

    I will take that Chanel bag- thanks!

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