I used to…

Love him. I don’t love him anymore. I do miss him. I think he is stupid. I think he is ridiculous. I don’t think he warrants a blog to be written about him, but it’s on my mind. I think his life is a waste. I think he is a horrible excuse for man kind. I think he’s one hell of a loser. I also think he has awful taste. Bad taste. Pitiful taste. he should open his eyes. But he can’t. He smokes too much. he might be the ultimate loser. More ultimate than the ULTIMATE loser I knew for way too long. Or that loser with 4 kids (wtf!) but yes, he trumps them both. He’s the loser of 2006.

That’s all


One Response to “I used to…”

  1. Karinaxoxo Says:

    Awww I wonder if he beats my Loser of 2006???

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