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Tag! The VaFashionista is it! 5 things you don’t know about me!

January 30, 2007

I just got tagged by my good friend Fashion Kitty to tell you lovely people five things you don’t know about me! So here are some interesting things about this VaFashionista 😉

1.) I am a star! – really, I’m damn fabulous! 😉

2.) I have been pierced 7 times, still have just one, and tatted up once, but I’m always searching for a new tat and a new place to put it…

3.) As hard as I try, I am a sucker for a fine tall, light skinned man in gray sweats, a hanes white tank and some timbs…must be a Northern Va thing? who knows haha

4.) Myspace is the craziest thing ever! But I’m on it DAILY! haha

5.) I LOVE the Victoria’s Secret Pink line of boy shorts! I don’t know why but they are so darn cute!

I am going to tag Bougie Broad, Natasha of YBF, Tabloid Whore – go check their blogs!


Leggings.On.A.Man.OH MY!!

January 24, 2007

THIS IS SOMETHING I JUST WILL NOT TOLERATE!!!! um, it’s bad enough to see old women and babies wearing leggings, but…MEN! I don’t know about anyone else, but the MEN I know would not be caught DEAD in a pair of jewel toned wool/cotton/spandex leggings!!! Nor would I like to SEE a man in leggings! Ah! brings back such bad memories!…

I used to talk to this guy that was from DC. Now, guys from DC definitely have their own style, and I like that! BUT, one time he came to pick me up and, NO lie, had on *shuddering* timbs, ok, those big damn slouch socks, um, bad, but not as bad as…SHINY BLACK SPANDEX LEGGINGS (which he claimed were his football tights…anyways!), layrered underneath his jean shorts!!!!! OMG!!! I simply stared at him through my glass front door with my mouth dropped open in such shock! I mean, please, be individual, but REALLY! did he think I was going out in PUBLIC (we were going shopping at Tyson’s mall, we were 16) OMG OMG OMG! I wanted to play sick or something! I didn’t want my friends to meet him for the first time looking like…THAT! AH!!! So i suggested we watch a movie instead, seriously. Then I sent him home quickly after that and never called him again! Until I ran into him at a Jack & Jill party a few weeks later and he kept asking me why I stopped calling him, but all I could do was laugh because he had on the same get up!!

I say all of this to say, MAN LEGGINGS. N O! check the story here (man leggings on the Milan Runway)

because i wanted to!

January 24, 2007

I went out and got some new boots today. Since it looks like it’s not going to let up on the ass coldness here in NoVa (northern VA) I got a cute pair of boots to stomp around in. They are just like the picture, except mine are black and hot and will go perfectly with and outfit I am planning on wearing this weekend!

PLUS! I just remembered I have a Lord & Taylor coupon at home! That means the boots that originally cost $200, way too much if you ask me, and were on sale for $70, will be an even better deal!! Hey, I gotta stay FLY no doubt, but on a budget! I’m getting my grown woman on! hahaha That means, to all of you who do not have your own place, that I pay all the bills and the rent (blah), and the other things that come with being a *gasp* grown ass 25 yr old 🙂 But I do have to treat myself every once in a while!

All about Robby B.

January 19, 2007

This post is all about Robby! Robby is my co-worker and sits right next to me at work. He also is one of the few male readers 🙂 So, in honor of his inquisitiveness towards all things female and my blog, I present, Robby’s questions, thoughts and crazy comments for the day!!!

So today, it’s ass cold in VA and I am wearing one of my favorite Pashminas. To us, women, it is simply that, a pretty purple(orchid) pashmina. But to my buddy Robby, it is a “neck blanket” Yes, my pashmina can double as a small blanket if need be, but no, it is not a “neck blanket”

This is a blanket, Robby:

Robby also felt the need to comment on my ultra cute, yet oh so comfy flats I have on today. The following pictures of flats come from Urban Outfitters because they have THE best selection of flats EVER! and they are SO cheap! Anyways, they also look, to the untrained eye, to be too comfortable to be shoes, thus envoking the thought that they may be…SLIPPERS! According to Robby, that is what I have on today. Ofcourse he is wrong and I am just simply wearing comfy flats cuz it was too cold to be traipsing around in the cold in my heels!

Those are flats! These, Robby, are slippers!

I would also like to take this time to point out the sheer fabulousness of a David Yurman ring. The other day Robby saw nothing special about these rings, said something like “it looks like something you can get at Zales!” Um NO! I don’t even know what Zales has besides jewelry that looks like it fell off a truck in China Town! But anyways, below is the ring he thought could come from Zales…

Does that LOOK like something that would come from a place that sells this mess! BLECK! And he says shiny things don’t do anything 😉

Thanks for reading, Robby! I will give you the link 😉 Also he wanted me to include some vital information. Robby is interested in females age 18-31, no kids, thanks! hahaha!! You can check out his Myspace here —> Robby’s Myspace

what in the denim hell!?!?!

January 18, 2007

THIS IS THE WORST USE OF DENIM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This NONSENSE was created by none other than Seven for AlL Mankind! UGH! This Long Gypsy Skirt is so awful! it’s just BAD! and! to make matters worse, this is the price…$206.40 marked down from $344!!!!!!!! WOW! 7 have lost their whole creative minds!!!!!!! This is soooo soooo bad and wrong on many many levels! (literally!) ack!

Like a Fine, Fine, FINE wine!

January 18, 2007

Mr. Todd Smith, just DOESn’T know!!!! mmm mmm mmm!!! This man gets better with age!

AND for your continue viewing pleasure…I present to you Mr. 1st Year in the NFL Reggie (going to the superbowl) Bush of the New Orleans Saints! YUM!!!!!

Oh yeah and here is one with clothes on…

Another Guilty Pleasure!

January 16, 2007


I LOVE this show! I especially like Jo! She’s living it UP! She’s like 25 and is a kept woman! How fab! This season is going to be soooo good!!! So much drama, ofcourse! This will keep me occupied until a nother season of Project Runway comes on!!! Yay silly reality TV!!! WOOO HOO!!!

The Housewives:
Jo – She’s the most fab of them all! And she’s not EVEN a housewife yet! Loves it!

Jeana – She’s some ex playboy bunny and one hell of a realtor! Her kids get ANYTHING! And her eldest son was drafted by the Oakland A’s…but didn’t take it! Um I guess they weren’t going to pay enough?!

LauriThe ho you can’t turn into a Housewife! hahaha! She’s just a plastic blonde barbie wanna be! But it’s fun to watch her make an ass out of herself! She’s really a prostitute! shhh!

VickiShe’s the Housewife with her own business! And she runs shit in her house! She makes all the dough while her lazy ass son does nothing! But she’s a hardworker and plays even harder! She only wants the best for her fam, butit’s hard to be in superficial whatevr part of cali they are in! Especially when every other day she is going getting something done to her face, hair, body! hahah

Tammy – She’s the new kid on the block! This will be interesting considering she’s leasing a house as opposed to buying it! You know that will come into play at some point when she’s hanging out with the girls!

This show is GREAT! Tune in tonight on Bravo!!

The Hills Are Alive!

January 16, 2007

WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! The Hills are back!!!!!! I can’t wait till tonight at 10! Yessssssssssss! MTV has done it AGAIN! Not only does The Hills come back on, but the have a new Laguna Beach style show, Maui Fever! Yessssssss!!!!!! More useless, yet watchable garbage reality TV as only MTV can do it! OMG! I KNOW i am not the only one who is excited about these stupid shows! Now if only they would hurry up and ring back 8th and Ocean!!!

I’m just not sure I understand…

January 9, 2007

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one, do not want anything 50 cent related near my privates! hahaa let me explain! Apparently, Mr. Curtis Jackson a.k.a Fiddy, is coming out with a line of…CONDOMS! My mind is boggled and racing and confused all at once! I mean, he’s a rapper, an “actor” and an “author.” But now he’s putting his brand on condoms!? Let me just let you read the article I found on Black Voices on AOL

50 Cent Readies His Own Condom Line

(Jan. 9) — You have his CDs, you’ve chugged his vitamin water, you’ve worn his clothing but will you buy his condoms? The heavily diversified rapper 50 Cent is coming out with a line of condoms. “The kids become immune when you constantly beat them over the head — read a book, read a book,” the rap star tells the New York Post. “We have to be a little more creative about it. It’s the same with safe sex. As opposed to being part of a safe-sex campaign, I’m going to make condoms and donate a part of the proceeds to HIV awareness.” 50 Cent and G-Unit recently launched a line of books, with the first one called “The Ski Mask Way.” The 31-year-old rap star says he plans to turn the book into a film, with production beginning next year. He says he’ll probably have a role in it, because one of the characters is based on him. No word yet on how 50 Cent ‘s new line of condoms will be distributed, or when they’ll hit the market. ?’s Buck Wolf and ABC News Radio contributed to this report.

Flying coach..

January 3, 2007

SUCKS ASS! no really it truly does! I swear when I would fly back and forth from school at FSU the planes were um, BIGGER! and there was not this evil 50 pound limit for suitcases! It’s absolutely ABSURD to think that I, a woman, can manage to pack just ONE bag and then you want me to have it weigh less than 50 pounds! Then, if it is over, you look at me crazily and sugest that I somehow take something out of already jam packed suitcase full of clothes and shoes and cosmetics for 5 days travel! ARE YOU INSANE AIRLINES!!!!!!!

When I flew out of Dulles to go to Atlanta this past weekend, I knew my bag was over 50 pounds, how could it NOT be! I am trying to learn to travel and pack only one bag…blah! Anyways! so he weighed the bag, it came in at 54.5 pounds. He just looked at me and smiled and put my bag on the belt. SEE no hassle there! I love him for it. Then on my way home yesterday from Atlanta, they take my bag, put it on the scale, and it is 55 pounds! now how my bag gained 1/2 a pound, I will never know, but WHO CARES! this IDIOT IMBICILE! looks at me and in his damn southern drawl is like “uh, your bag is too heavy” I said by how much. He says “look at the scale!” (um, ok UGMO! so sorry you did not have a fun and wild New Year’s Eve and you hung out all night with your stinky pitbull named chuck! grrr) So I said,”yeah it’s 55 pounds” he’s all ” it’s over the limit” I’m like “so what, put it on the belt, they did in Dulles” he says ” I can’t do that” I tell him I hate him! Then I take out some stuff, UGH! and don’t you know that when I weighed the bag again it was at 49 pounds…I have a heavy cosmetics/toiletries case haha! So then I had to check that by itself! I said a little prayer that they would both make it and proceeded to the HEINOUS security line! Ugh!

Anyways, point of this entry is to tell you about the ASS I had to sit next to on my way down to “Hotlanta, Hotlanta!”…I will explain!

So I’m sitting in my coveted window seat, ipod on, Vogue open, I notice noone has sat next to me yet, I got so happy b/c maybe I can have the seat to myself, the plane wasn’t even fully booked so I thought I was golden! Just as I reached down to grab my mango smoothie, this BIG LUMP of a man sat, well PLUNKED/PLOPPED himself in the seat next to me! AH! I was mad! His gut was spilling over the damn arm rest! dammit! AND this was no short fat man, but a rather tall and large fat man! Now, i’m thinking to myself…why not upgrade to business class BIG MAN! it’s ONLY $40!!! So the whole plane ride, this man is fidgeting in his damn seat, his elbow is all up in my area and i was as close to the window as i could get! I tried to get far away as possible! Every centimeter I got, he quickly filled it with his lumpness! I WAS SO MAD! then when we landed, this BIG BURLY man opened his mouth and SHIT, yes SHIT came out! That was the WORST breath i have ever inhaled! I was so stunned I started coughing uncontrollably! It was rotten shit! OMG! So anyways, in between gasps for clean air, this man is laughing on the phone talking about I’m in “Hotlanta, Hotlanta!” he kept saying that as if the saying had just came to fruition that same day! OMG! and you KNOW he waited till the WHOLE damn plane got let off before his FAT ASS got out the seat! OMG at this point I just shoved past him, shot him one of my classic killer looks and stormed off of the plane!

Needless to say, if I have that extra $40 when I fly Airtran, I’m going to be UPGRADING!!