I’m just not sure I understand…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one, do not want anything 50 cent related near my privates! hahaa let me explain! Apparently, Mr. Curtis Jackson a.k.a Fiddy, is coming out with a line of…CONDOMS! My mind is boggled and racing and confused all at once! I mean, he’s a rapper, an “actor” and an “author.” But now he’s putting his brand on condoms!? Let me just let you read the article I found on Black Voices on AOL

50 Cent Readies His Own Condom Line

(Jan. 9) — You have his CDs, you’ve chugged his vitamin water, you’ve worn his clothing but will you buy his condoms? The heavily diversified rapper 50 Cent is coming out with a line of condoms. “The kids become immune when you constantly beat them over the head — read a book, read a book,” the rap star tells the New York Post. “We have to be a little more creative about it. It’s the same with safe sex. As opposed to being part of a safe-sex campaign, I’m going to make condoms and donate a part of the proceeds to HIV awareness.” 50 Cent and G-Unit recently launched a line of books, with the first one called “The Ski Mask Way.” The 31-year-old rap star says he plans to turn the book into a film, with production beginning next year. He says he’ll probably have a role in it, because one of the characters is based on him. No word yet on how 50 Cent ‘s new line of condoms will be distributed, or when they’ll hit the market. ?ABCNEWS.com’s Buck Wolf and ABC News Radio contributed to this report.

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