Another Guilty Pleasure!


I LOVE this show! I especially like Jo! She’s living it UP! She’s like 25 and is a kept woman! How fab! This season is going to be soooo good!!! So much drama, ofcourse! This will keep me occupied until a nother season of Project Runway comes on!!! Yay silly reality TV!!! WOOO HOO!!!

The Housewives:
Jo – She’s the most fab of them all! And she’s not EVEN a housewife yet! Loves it!

Jeana – She’s some ex playboy bunny and one hell of a realtor! Her kids get ANYTHING! And her eldest son was drafted by the Oakland A’s…but didn’t take it! Um I guess they weren’t going to pay enough?!

LauriThe ho you can’t turn into a Housewife! hahaha! She’s just a plastic blonde barbie wanna be! But it’s fun to watch her make an ass out of herself! She’s really a prostitute! shhh!

VickiShe’s the Housewife with her own business! And she runs shit in her house! She makes all the dough while her lazy ass son does nothing! But she’s a hardworker and plays even harder! She only wants the best for her fam, butit’s hard to be in superficial whatevr part of cali they are in! Especially when every other day she is going getting something done to her face, hair, body! hahah

Tammy – She’s the new kid on the block! This will be interesting considering she’s leasing a house as opposed to buying it! You know that will come into play at some point when she’s hanging out with the girls!

This show is GREAT! Tune in tonight on Bravo!!

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