All about Robby B.

This post is all about Robby! Robby is my co-worker and sits right next to me at work. He also is one of the few male readers 🙂 So, in honor of his inquisitiveness towards all things female and my blog, I present, Robby’s questions, thoughts and crazy comments for the day!!!

So today, it’s ass cold in VA and I am wearing one of my favorite Pashminas. To us, women, it is simply that, a pretty purple(orchid) pashmina. But to my buddy Robby, it is a “neck blanket” Yes, my pashmina can double as a small blanket if need be, but no, it is not a “neck blanket”

This is a blanket, Robby:

Robby also felt the need to comment on my ultra cute, yet oh so comfy flats I have on today. The following pictures of flats come from Urban Outfitters because they have THE best selection of flats EVER! and they are SO cheap! Anyways, they also look, to the untrained eye, to be too comfortable to be shoes, thus envoking the thought that they may be…SLIPPERS! According to Robby, that is what I have on today. Ofcourse he is wrong and I am just simply wearing comfy flats cuz it was too cold to be traipsing around in the cold in my heels!

Those are flats! These, Robby, are slippers!

I would also like to take this time to point out the sheer fabulousness of a David Yurman ring. The other day Robby saw nothing special about these rings, said something like “it looks like something you can get at Zales!” Um NO! I don’t even know what Zales has besides jewelry that looks like it fell off a truck in China Town! But anyways, below is the ring he thought could come from Zales…

Does that LOOK like something that would come from a place that sells this mess! BLECK! And he says shiny things don’t do anything 😉

Thanks for reading, Robby! I will give you the link 😉 Also he wanted me to include some vital information. Robby is interested in females age 18-31, no kids, thanks! hahaha!! You can check out his Myspace here —> Robby’s Myspace


5 Responses to “All about Robby B.”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    Awesome blog! 🙂
    The “vital” info listed at the end is frighteningly close to a personal ad… hilarious!

  2. Robby Says:

    I would like to clarify by saying that Bianca has the finest collection of “neck blankets” and “slippers” that I have seen in quite a while. Also, as Bianca said earlier, I am interested in females ages 18-31 (preferrably on the low end of those numbers). If you collect coach bags… dont bother!

  3. Fashion Kitty Says:


  4. Joelle Says:

    Today while pretending to do work when I was really updating my myspace page, our CFO walked into my office. Gracefully draped over my chair was my FAV light blue pashmina. He proceeded to ask me what this colorful piece of cashmere blend fabric was. I began explaining all that is the pashmina (perfect accessories, great colors, serves as wrap or scarf, etc). He continued looking at me with a perplexed look. I could tell I had lost him back at the “wrap” phrase, when suddenly…B and Robby dawned on me! I looked at him and with a smile said “some may refer to it as a neck blanket”. The confusion faded and all was right in the world. So, I say…thank you Robby for your ability to make all things female guy-explainable 🙂

  5. Anonymous Says:

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