Leggings.On.A.Man.OH MY!!

THIS IS SOMETHING I JUST WILL NOT TOLERATE!!!! um, it’s bad enough to see old women and babies wearing leggings, but…MEN! I don’t know about anyone else, but the MEN I know would not be caught DEAD in a pair of jewel toned wool/cotton/spandex leggings!!! Nor would I like to SEE a man in leggings! Ah! brings back such bad memories!…

I used to talk to this guy that was from DC. Now, guys from DC definitely have their own style, and I like that! BUT, one time he came to pick me up and, NO lie, had on *shuddering* timbs, ok, those big damn slouch socks, um, bad, but not as bad as…SHINY BLACK SPANDEX LEGGINGS (which he claimed were his football tights…anyways!), layrered underneath his jean shorts!!!!! OMG!!! I simply stared at him through my glass front door with my mouth dropped open in such shock! I mean, please, be individual, but REALLY! did he think I was going out in PUBLIC (we were going shopping at Tyson’s mall, we were 16) OMG OMG OMG! I wanted to play sick or something! I didn’t want my friends to meet him for the first time looking like…THAT! AH!!! So i suggested we watch a movie instead, seriously. Then I sent him home quickly after that and never called him again! Until I ran into him at a Jack & Jill party a few weeks later and he kept asking me why I stopped calling him, but all I could do was laugh because he had on the same get up!!

I say all of this to say, MAN LEGGINGS. N O! check the story here (man leggings on the Milan Runway)


One Response to “Leggings.On.A.Man.OH MY!!”

  1. d. chedwick bryant Says:

    a while ago, housewives were wearing big white t shirts with black tights–everywhere. It was really getting on my nerves (did they think it hid the post pregnancy weight? It did NOT) anyway..I was telling this guy I knew how much I hated that look, and then I met his wife for the first time, she walked over and was wearing a giant white t shirt with black leggings (with dirty sneakers no less)
    foot in mouth… but she did support my point and I know he observed that. I felt terrible,

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