Fashion Week: Fall 2007

Well, I wouldn’t know if I didn’t know. Let me explain, Fashion week in NY comes only twice a year. Each year I look forward to these two weeks and keep hoping that one day I will land myself smack dab in the middle of the wonderful fabulousness that is Fashion week. But since I can not attend said fashion weeks, I rely on the web and tv networks such as E! and *gasp* THE STYLE NETWORK! ummmmmm can ANYONE explain to me WHY the style channel is NOT showing ANYTHING hardly related to fashion, let alone FASHION WEEK!

I got home Friday after a hard day at work and flipped to my style channel only to find STUPID reruns of some marriage show and dumb fashion police with the blasted Robert Verdi! (I hate that bald sunglass holder!) anyways, so I went online to view some of the collections, but it’s just NOT the same!

I remember back in the day, i.e just 4 shorts years ago when my tv was always tuned to the style network, unless General Hospital was on, they showed…FASHION shows and…had correspondents at the…FASHION SHOWS! wow! what a concept! Why they have chosen to abandon that wonderful concept, I will never understand, but for now, I will be tuning in to these website daily for my fashion nourishment!

New York mag

If anyone knows of other good sites with up to the minute shows and pics, PLEASE let me know!


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