watching the fashion shows…

At work because I NEED to know what is going on is NY! Here are a few that I found so interesting I watched them a few times through.

I’m always in love with anything Oscar de la Renta does, but this collection is that ultra sophisticated, up-town classy vibe that I so adore.

Marc Jacobs’ Collection surprised me. It didn’t really look like Marc, but in a good way. I want to get my hands on those handbags the models are carrying (slides 5,6,7)! Those bags are so chic and cute! the colors are fab as well! I love that he has these women in hats! who doesn’t like a good hat! and the gloves, to die for!
Marc Jacobs slide show

Normally a show should open with a very strong piece to set the tone, but I just don’t get the striped tights or the taupe color pallete, just my own opinion 🙂 However, Tracy’s collections never dissapoint! My fav looks are 7, 9, 16, 19 (such a smart looking dress!) 22,23 and 37 – I MUST HAVE THIS COAT!

Tracy Reese slide show

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