Milk Sammich anyone!

hahaha! It never fails to amuse me when people hear there could be some snow and they run out to the grocery store for…milk and bread. Um, what are you doing with this milk and bread? SO if you are stuck in your house for a week, are you telling me that you are just eating bread and dipping it in milk? Or were you trying to make french toast, but you forgot the eggs? I just don’t get it! If I knew it ws going to snow, I would stock up on stuff that would keep me warm. Let’s see, first on my list would be:

– a tall strapping man – i mean hey, if you are snowed in, what else would you rather be doing 😉
– bottles of wine – to drink by the fire place
– I guess a few cans of soup – but I’m sure there are other foods more appropriate to get your energy back up haha!
– plenty of matches to light the candles
– um a box or two of rubbers – don’t want to concieve any snow babies!

That’s all. What would YOU go get if you were going to be snowed in!


One Response to “Milk Sammich anyone!”

  1. rebelleBAP Says:

    I always thought that was the most country craziness in the world.

    Let’s see if I was snowed in, most likely my bam bams would be home with me so I’m going to need that milk (lol), diapers/Pull Ups, Batteries,matches and candles, My Zen Nano, Doritos and Salsa( I mean neither on needs really go in the fridge, unless the power goes out:)) and a sexy chocolate man who while the kids sleep and I can enjoy!!

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