So long iPod mini!

I loved my pink iPod mini, but the damn thing died on me! The damn computer erased EVERYTHING off of my iPod! The library is still on the computer, but for some reason it won’t load back onto my iPod! So what am I to do? I get rid of it and get another one, because I can NOT fly on a plane or workout without my iPod! I just can’t! It’s nearly impossible to do so! So this weekend, I will be purchasing a new iPod nano. I know, I know, why not get an ultra upgraded video iPod, right! Wrong, I don’t need all that. Plus, those don’t come in fun colors like the nano does. And if i’m feeling a bit crazy, which is a daily occurance lately, I may get the 8GB since it holds tons of music! But again, I don’t need much! Just give me something cute and little to hold my music in so I do not have to interact with the bafoons on the plane or at the gym!


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