My Office (cube) Space

Is not your normal cube! When they said “bring stuff in; decorate!” I did just that! Most people around me have pictures of friends and family, posters, and other personal memorabilia that is an extension of who they are. I believe that your cube should be a reflection of you; which is why my cube also has pictures and cut outs of my friends and family…Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi, Gucci, Oscar de la Renta, oh yeah and REGGIE BUSH! (delusional, nah ;-)) I too have the family pictures; a little frame with me and my brothers, but my cube is dedicated to none other than fashion!

My co-worker, Robby, who I wrote about a few weeks ago, always comments on my half naked pictures of Reggie Bush. Always making some reference to groupie this, groupie that! I just like the fact I can look to the left, to the left (sorry) and see pure wonderfulness!!! When a new person joins our happy bunch, we walk them around and introduce them to everyone. Well, when people get to my cube they say variations of, “and this is Bianca, the fashionista,” or “This is miss fashion’s cube!” or “This is Bianca and as you can see, she loves fashion!” One of the Directors of my group walked by once and said, “haha, Bianca, you are so funny! It’s like you have your fashion magazine surrounding you!” Yes! Indeed! That is how I wanted it to feel! I can’t wait to decorate with my Spring ‘007 favorite picks from the runway! So to that, here is what my cube looks like! (you can click on the pics to get a close up)

Here, you can see my Chanel and Gucci wall and Reggie Bush’s fine self staring back at me all the damn day long!

Here is my wall with all of the interesting shapes I fell in love with! Above that are the magnificent drawings done by R. Toledo for Nordstrom Designer, oh how I love him and his interpretations of the fashions! Also, if you look close enough, there is a photo with me and my little brothers 🙂

Here’s Reggie! That bottom pic gets me every time! Those eyes…

This is a close up of my Chanel wall. My fall wardrobe was inspired by these fabulous pieces! Lot’s of black, layered and lots of playing with proportions!

This is a collage I put together to remind myself to be fabulous at all times! Oh and that “Fake is for last night, not handbags!”

What does your office space look like?


3 Responses to “My Office (cube) Space”

  1. Ray Says:

    I love you…once again! I wish I worked with you–we would have bonding moments in your cube. We would never leave, we’d ask the boss if we could just sleep there. Anywhere surrounded by Chanel and Reggie is as good as home in my book! You’re fabulous…but hell, you already know that! (…and a good writer, too!)

  2. fashionkitty Says:

    That is one damn good looking cube!

  3. celpjefscycle Says:

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    many interesting things

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