DC Fashion Week?!?! Oh, my!

Um…NY Fashion Week- national coverage & celebs, LA Fashion Week-national coverage and more celebs, Milan and Paris you know the deal. But, DC Fashion Week…I’m just confused. I am even more confused when I checked the calendar of events and there are only 5 events listed, one for each day, Monday through Friday. That does not a “Fashion Week” make! I am further perplexed when I clicked onto the designer bios page (here) and I see listed, as a designer mind you…MILLERS FURS! ummmmmm wtf!?! wow. Intrigued? no. Do I want to see the foolishness and sillyness that is DC Fashion Week? Yes. hahahaha! I am going to get some tickets for I MUST see what kind of “fashion week” this DC can pull off! My dear friend Fashion Kitty’s response was,”it looks like the worst thing ever possible” and “i am choking back laugher” at the list of desingers! haha!

Check the website here for more information! DC Fashion Week – *snicker*


5 Responses to “DC Fashion Week?!?! Oh, my!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I live in DC and this is the first time i’m hearing about this. While I applaud the attempt (i guess you could call it that) it is hard to hold back the laughter.

  2. Liz Says:

    I live in the metro area as well and I think they had this event last year but, it was poorly marketed, and attended and by the looks of things it’s not really a couture show, but more like a church fashion show.

  3. Edward Says:

    It’s amazing how much people have to say when they know absolutely nothing about a subject. Instead of jumping on the negative, DC “Bitching” bandwagon, I challenge you to go to the shows and find out about what you are blabbing. “Church fashion show”… you have no clue.

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