Chunkin up the deuce!

I know I’m not the only one who watched My Block: Houston, TX on MTV2! haha! I’m going to Houston, TX this weekend to get away from ass cold VA! I will do anything to get out of this cold weather! Plus, I’ve never been to Texas, so I can’t wait! What I really can’t wait for is the southern culture. No not that Southern hospitality or anything like that. I secretly love the South! I think it’s because I went to school on Florida and I was exposed to such a culture shock! But, in the end, I really enjoyed it! I mean, who wouldn’t love to see men, and women, for that matter with glittering gold, platinum and diamond grillz! haha! And cars whose rims match the interior! And I’ve never seen so many white tees! HAHAHAHAHA! So while I’m down in H-town, check out these other blogs to keep you entertained and fashionably informed over the weekend!

-My homey Fashion Kitty is trying out the new Fiber Wig mascara; have you tried it?

-Tasha over at Young, Black & Fabulous and Fresh at Crunk + Disorderly keep you entertained with the latest on what Black Hollywood and others are up to! Just TRY not to laugh out loud at work! TRY!

-Check with K Dukes and see what she is wanting, wearing and hating! Gotta love this chick!

-And be sure to read The Superficial, Perez Hilton, and Tabloid Whore to see if Britney’s ass actually stays in rehab for more than 24 hours!

Oh! And don’t forget, the OSCARS are on Sunday! I will be DVRing the red carpet, because, that’s all I really care about!


One Response to “Chunkin up the deuce!”

  1. Liz Says:

    While your are in Houston visit the Breakfast Klub (yes I know club w/ a “k” is tacky)but the food is divine. get there early b/c it’s only open until 2pm and the line is wrapped around the building. but, the food is well worth the wait and so is the jazz. Now the outside of the building could use a little renovation but, the interior makes up for it. check out their website Have fun in H-town!

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