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"If you’re rich, I’m your bitch!"

March 30, 2007

Oh Oxygen! Bad Girls Club is one of my guilty pleasures for sure! I generally watch to just see these bimbos make themselves look dumb and talk about how their lives are so this and so that! But so they got new roommates, one of which is a self proclaimed ‘gold digger’ She’s going to be soooo fun to watch and bump heads with Amy, the dark sided wench.

That small town NC chick is just lame. I hate her already. I don’t like her hair, I don’t like the way she dresses, I don’t like that she was surprised when the girls met her for the first time and weren’t all up her ass and wanting to be BFF with her and she got all upset and put on a screw face. Get over yourself, cuz you ain’t it honey!

Why does Jodi look like a $5 hooker? How come Keri has tattooed on eye makeup? Zara is cool because she’s just stoopid. Deann is walking trash.

Needless to say, I gotta watch because well, “Just cuz”


College Hill? Interns?

March 30, 2007

Does anyone even watch this garbage besides me!? How they ended up in the beautiful Virgin Islands is beyond me! But anyways, and now they want people who are ‘young’, ‘talented’ and on their ‘grind’! Oh BET! dammit! dammit! dammit!

Why are you putting these uppity ass OC biatches up in the same house with these mellow ass island folk! Oh yeah, for drama. Except you are not MTV and you suck at this Tracey Edmonds! You hear me? Why, after how ever many seasons, haven’t you stepped your game up? The show still looks like my lil brother is running behind them taping everything! ha!

Anyways, what I wouldn’t do to be back in St. Thomas! That place was such a wonderful experience and get-a-way! And now these obnoxious idiots from OC are there. I mean, yeah you get people in a house there are going to be fights, but um look outside your door! It’s beautiful water and white sandy beaches! Enjoy yourselves bitches! (Krystal, I’m talking about you!)

She’s such a stuck up whiny brat! I can’t wait till someone really does snap and go off on her ass. She sucks.

That’s it for my reality show DVR wrap up! I am taking my ass to bed. I have a loooong day tomorrow! It’s my girl’s bachelorette pooortay! It’s going to be insane. I won’t be back to posting until Monday!

**Muchos Besos**

ANTM(ail order bride), hip-hop chick

March 30, 2007

WHY!!!! is Natasha’s ass on this show!?!?!? Who spells things wrong and just smiles and says things like it’s ok to spell things wrong as long as it sounds right lol! She’s a mess! But when she came out in her ‘hip-hop’ get up! WOW!!! she put foil on her tooth! ‘What it do shawty!’

Cha-cha is working it!

Renee is an ass! If I ever see her I will just kick her in the face just because! Ms. Jay said she had an adam’s apple! LOL!!!!!

I hate Sarah! Why is she on this show! She’s the MOST bland thing ever!

Whit! What happened this week?

Diana is whack, get her off the show! She wants to be on the show ‘just cuz’ um, leave! You suck!

Britney needs to moisturize her situation! Her hair is FRIED!

And Dionne, thank you for hitting up the jean closet and getting some jeans with a 36 inch inseam! Yo go girl with your bad self! (although you looked a bit like Morris Chestnut ha!)

**Special note to Tyra’s side swept bang**

Dear Ty-Ty’s side swept bang. Why must you taunt me so? You know you aren’t near long enough or thick enough to cover big Ty’s forehead! And why are you so plastered on her head like that! Oh well, I’m hoping next weeek you will be tied up in some awful wiggy-weave, or covered up by some sort of sparkly doo rag-esque headband! Ok, that’s all. I hope you heed my note as I do not appreciate you trying so so hard to do something we all know can’t happen!

Then get out of my car!

March 30, 2007

Hahahahaaha! That tool Spencer is a world class ASSCLOWN! hahaha! Ol’ toothy and his threats to Heidi! But we allllll know that dingbat will move in with Spence. Plus we all now know that Spencer is her manager and comandeered a spread in GQ mag for “Princess Heidi” Anywho, on to what is important!

Whitney! Fabulous Whitney! She’s so damn adorable and looked almost as good as Hillary did in her Oscar dress! But um, I must address the fact that Lauren and Whitney did not know who Andre Leon Talley was! Um any human being with a PULSE should know who Mr. Andre Leon Talley is! He is the ULTIMATE fashionista! He was a fashionista before people knew what the hell a fashionista was! He is utterly and uberly fab!

And I hope dear Whitney gets that fabulous job for Teen Vogue! She damn deserves it! Ok, now that I’m back in town, I have more DVR’d shows to get through, but i HAD to watch the Hills!



March 28, 2007

That pretty much sums up the past couple of days here in San Francisco. I came to SanFran for a biz trip to meet my counterparts and sales team! I am so happy to finally meet them! It’s great to put a name to an email address and IM screename. So anyways, to the fun stuff.

So I woke up Monday morning around 6 AM EST to catch my 9 AM flight to the West Coast. This 5 hour flight was a pretty standard flight. I had a chatty seat mate who was a lawyer. She was very chatty, but that morning it didn’t bother me and we talked for a good portion of the flight before the movie started. I had the window and she HAD to have the window open, fine, no biggie, I was going to be sleep in no time. Something though was a little, um off about said lawyer. We were having normal convo and the way she was staring into my eyes was making me nervous ha! Not only was she peering deep into my soul, she asked me on more than one occasion to join her in the restroom. UM! nah homey, I’m good. Anyways, we land, we get our luggage get into the cab and go straight to work.

I wanted to see our hotel because people kept ranting and raving about how fabulous it is, I wanted to see it! That ofcourse did not happen until much, much later in the day. Mind you, we worked till about 8 or 9 West Coast time, went to the hotel, washed my face, and started the night. We began in our ultra swanky lounge bar where i threw back a couple Crown’s and diets. We then headed off to a heavy Italian meal with more drinks. From there we went to this ultra 70’s spot complete with crushed velvet upholstery and a disco ball. Fun times definitely for a Monday. But it didn’t end there as we took it back to our ultra chic hotel bar and shut the bar down.

On to Tuesday…

So apparently Monday night was a “low key” night. Hmmm I wonder what Tuesday had in store for me as we had scheduled Happy Hour drinks. Work was hard haha! I missed my sleep, but never the less, I prevailed and went to Happy Hour, which tunred into a fabulous precursor to the um, eventful night!!

We leave Blue Pointe and head to the Marina neighborhood and go to this little quaint place. Inside were about oh, 3 people and a bar tender and DJ. We quickly overtook the place and tore up the dance floor! I even got a stint at bar tending and got behind the bar and made a round of shots! Definitely fun. I drank WAY to damn much yesterday and paid for it 😦 oh well, time for round 3, the finale tonight! We are going to a Tequilla bar so I already know! Patron alllll night!!! 🙂


March 25, 2007

So I’m driving back from the post office mailing out my eBay auctions stuff and I see a minivan. This minivan’s driver is clearly crazy as they keep weaving in and out of lanes and turning around in the front seat and doing all sorts of things. Finally, I am able to get around this vehicle and I take a look over and I see like 5 kids AND a damn dog and a frantic mother in the driver seat! I literally got chills! Inside that minivan is my biggest fear…children, 5 of them, and a dog! The look on her face was something I will never forget! It read of dispair, anxiousness, fear and loathing. That minivan must have been her own personal hell, at least it would have been mine. But why is she driving around with 5 kids, and a dog, all probaly under the age of 8! What are you doing!

It’s women like her that I see in the mall or the grocery store with a kid on her hip, 2 in the cart or stroller and one walking while holding her hand that make me take my birth control every night and use condoms! I couldn’t imagine! But they leave the house with all of these kids and think they are all going to behave just because you took them out of the house?! And if it’s too overwhelming for you to handle at home, why are you coming out with all of them? Anyways, all of this was running through my mind, but at the same time, I felt sorry for the woman.

Her husband probably works some 60 hr a week job to pay for all those kids and for her to stay home. She has to cook, clean and take care of the kids 24/7. They probably barely, if ever have any sex because both are so stressed. But, they live in some huge $1.2mm home with a view of the golf course, so it makes it all worth it, or so they think. I think their life sucks! I think my life rocks! 🙂 Anyways, just thought I’d share my random thoughts. I hope that lady went home and had a stiff drink…or husband 😉

Spotlight 25

March 24, 2007

I happened to be flipping channels today and saw a commercial for a show on Lifetime called Spotlight 25. The show is being hosted by Willow Bay and will premiere Monday at 8 PM. This show will be “candid commentary from an engaging group of young women, including Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, on the hot topics that affect their lives.” I am very interested in tuning in to this show as it has everything to do with me; a 25 year old young lady.

If you go to the site,, you can find out more information about some of the women being interviewed from reading their biographies, take a poll, and see a preview of the upcoming show.

The show will focus on life, love, sex and “having it all.” I am really interested to see what other 25 year old women are doing now that they are out of school, or in grad school, and in the work force. I wonder if they, like me, went to school for xyz and are doing NOTHING that has to do with their degree. I wonder if they are searching for that perfect job that can flourish into a career that will be lucrative and fulfilling. Are they trying to find a way to balance their measly paycheck between bills, rent, and going out here and there? Are they going through the trials and tribulations of dating? How are they balancing their faith in God with the world tugging at you left and right? I want to know if these women are just like me, young, fabulous, ambitious and ready to take on the world, but are running into roadbumps along the way to success. Hope you tune in!!

April Showers…

March 22, 2007

Mean new rain boots! And Target has the CUTEST selection ever!!! And at only $19.99 a pop, I think I may get a couple pair 😉

Ummmm, wtf?!

March 22, 2007

Could someone please tap this chick up side her head and let her know those nails are NOT G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S!!!

My heart just.stopped.

March 22, 2007

When I saw this luxurious and lovely and perfect Chanel 2.55 collection re-issue!
It’s on eBay starting at a $2,199.99 bid! Let me tell you something, IF and only IF I had it like that, I would bid on this purse until I won! This bag is so utterly fantabulous! I keep going back and looking at the listing. What I wouldn’t do to have that bag swining on my arm this Spring/Summer season!