ANTM Cycle 8 – I HAVE to comment

Picture via Team Sugar

OK! It’s that time again! ANTM Cycle damn 8! I can’t believe how long this show has been on! But I still LOVE it! And for sure can’t miss it! I already set my DVR to recard all episodes If I ever have to miss it on its first run! haha! So on to these chicks on here! There are some chracters this year for sure! But is it just me, or can NONE of these bitches WALK! Have they not seen the last 7 seasons of this show! and OMG! can they PLEASE know a designer OTHER than CHANEL! I mean really!?! And that girl who didn’t know that the movie was called Breakfast at Tiffany’s! She deserves to be smacked in the damn face! I wanted to kick some of these girls asses last night for their foolishness!

Here is what me and Joelle had to say about these chicks. I swear we were going to throw something at the TV more than 5 times last night! haha enjoy!

Kathleen – Um wow! I don’t even know where to beging with this one! She’s a damn mess and I knew she would be the first to go when her ass couldn’t figure out what anti-fur was…blah moving ON! oh, but her hair, just ratty and tacky! ugh!

Dianna – Plus size girl #1 – she’s alright, but she’s too damn plain jane for my taste, next.

Sara – Ok, this girl was on point with the photographers name and all, but does she REALLY want to be a model? Eh, prolly not. Her Photo shoot in the jail was so LAME! um, if you have life in prison, I’m sure you don’t look that damn complacent!

Natasha – This mail order bride! haha! I’m so glad Tyra called her out! She has THE wackiest “walk” EVER!

Cassandra – first off, her body is SICK! but she’s 24, so not sure what she’s doing there. Also, not sure why she went and told Tyra about her wiggy-weave! I mean we ALL know it’s fake, but damn, keep some things to yourself haha!

Jael – not much needs to be said about this trainwreck! She looks like a damn crack whore stripper.

Samantha – eyebrows. get.! can’t wait for the makeover show!
Chick from the Bronx who BORROWED a weave/wig – she didn’t make it to the top but um we knew that already! (no photo for her)

Whitney (“plus” size girl #2) – girl, i love ya, but how could you NOT remember the movie is titled Breakfast at Tiffany’s. She said, “brunch”, “dinner” – just disgraceful, but she will be a competition for these chicks. (however, we ALL know that she won’t be the Top Model, anyways)

And last but definitely not least – Jaslene – she may have a zaney ass walk, but at least she’s bringin SOMETHING! I like her, I think she will go far!

The rest weren’t really memorable. What did you think? Can’t wait to see what this season brings us!

3 Responses to “ANTM Cycle 8 – I HAVE to comment”

  1. Joelle Says:

    And let’s not forget that Sara was bragging/complaining about having to wear 5 inch heals in a fashion show. Firstly, girl if you have walked runway before you better claim a broken ankle for the way you performed at Goodwill. Furthermore the show she claimed to have walked in was Chanel, which she proceeded to say was in CLEVELAND. Chanel in Cleveland? No offense to people from Ohio, but come on – CHANNNEEELLLL/ I mean, if you can’t even work it for Goodwill, how can you for CHANEL? Also, if Cleveland can get Chanel why can’t DC fashion week? HAAHAHAH

  2. don beezy Says:

    lol at the other person’s comment. i’m putting my money on the girl that looks like tyra but doesnt look anything like tyra! and jaslene is waaaaayy to tranny lookin for her to win this competition! i’m mad the “plus size” models weren’t bring their A game! they need to step it up if they don’t want to get axed next week.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    oh yeah and the new page is GORGEOUS!! Just in time for spring!

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