I heart you Urban Outfitters!

Just when I had already made plans for my paycheck (like paying bills, BLAH!), I get yet another email from Urban Outiftters! This time about sheer shirts and blouses! That’s it! I’m taking a portion of my check and heading to Urban this weekend and getting some damn clothes! I can’t take the temptation! I must be an owner of some of the pieces that keep popping up in my inbox! This is such a problem! haha! But anyways, here are some of my picks from the recent email!

I like this one because I can wear it to work too with a cute tank underneath.

I love this for a cool Spring night! Add some fun accessories, a bright tank for a pop of color, a great bag, pair with your fav jeans or skirt and you’re good to go!

I loved this shirt the moment I saw it in Urban! This shirt is adorable on, sans that heinous belt they paired it with! (and now it’s on sale!)
This is just too cute! For those that know me, I LUV to layer! This shirt will be a perfect and necessary addition to my closet!


One Response to “I heart you Urban Outfitters!”

  1. Robby Says:

    those all look like curtains

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