Dammit Marc J and team!

WHAT IN THE OVER, PRICED PATCH-WORKED HELL IS THIS BAG!!!!! and more importantly, WHY does it boast a $46,000 price tag! OH MY DAMN!
I, like most women, LOVE their Louis Vuitton bags, but um, I am sure I’m not the only lover of Louis that is a bit confused at this, this, creation! Apparently, a Louis Vuitton insider said: “It takes all the best parts of the season’s creations and rolls them into one. We are confident that the bag is utterly exclusive and that it will remain so.”

WHAT! yes, I agree with you person, that this bag is “utterly exclusive” and that it will remain so! Who wants it! Well, only 4 lucky people will get the chance to own this, thing.

I’m all for trying to stop the mangy people from counterfeiting the beloved Louis Vuitton bags, but must you go here?! GUH! is all I can say!
This is what my good friend Fashion Kitty had to say about the said “bag”
FashionKitty: i saw that awful piece of crap this morning
FashionKitty: its worse than bad
FashionKitty: worse than horrible
FashionKitty: worse than awful
FashionKitty: its an awfulirrble mess
FashionKitty: oh my GUH
FashionKitty: so damn ugly

Read more about this thing over at UK Daily Mail


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