Platforms! duh!

I love any shoe that has a 4 inch heel and higher! I’m only 5’1 so I love being able to wear the skyscraper heels! They make my calves look AMAZING and they make you walk a little taller, a bit sexier 😉 So, Saks just sent an email about some new platforms! Here are some I’d like to add to a wish list that will never be fulfilled! ha! I can’t spend that on shoes, but if I had it like that, these are the one’s that would be coming home with me!

Bottega Venetta Woven Platform Sandals – $960.00 – they have a 5 inch heel!!! I’m in love!
Bruno Frisoni Ribbon Platform Sandals – $815.00 – these are just too damn cute!!!Gucci Mirror High Heel Sandal – $850.00 S-E-X on a 4 1/4 heel!

Jimmy Choo Metallic Platform Sandal – $495.00 – Gotta love that gold! Would be perfect for a tropical isle get-a-way!

Miu Miu Vernice Chic Mary Jane – $430.00 – So dominatrix and naughty! I love it!

Check out for their selection of hot Platforms!


One Response to “Platforms! duh!”

  1. Don Beezy Says:

    Sending over applause for having the God given talent to walk in those towering heels!

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