Spring has Sprung!

And it’s NOT a pretty sight around my job! On the first pretty day of Spring I was bombarded with all types of fashion mishaps! There were plenty of short wrinkeld khaki’s to go around! Disgusting pastel t-shirts for days! and nasty versions of flip-flops like I’d never seen! Just because it’s nice out doesn’t mean you can just throw on ANYTHING! Iron those damn khaki’s and for goodness sakes where a shirt that doesn’t blend into your skin! haha! Those people looked like idiotic imbiciles that crawled out of their Spring/Summer bins, all wrinkled and washed out! Spring and Summer is about COLOR! I may have to send out a mass email to the employees about Spring/Summer fashions…hmmm I may just start working on that! I don’t want to see anymore damn khaki’s for as long as I live!


One Response to “Spring has Sprung!”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    Okay, I said the EXACT same thing yesterday. I was at McAlister’s and this girl had on this cuter multi-colored khaki pleated skirt…but is was wrinkled as ___!! Can we plug the iron up please?

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