Funniest Picture EVER!

**Is Snoop mad at the paparazzi for catching him carrying his Speedy 30 and Fiji water**

ahhh! I love StarTracks on for their ridiculous photos of celebrities! *Side note* I am mad that Snoop Dogg has the Speedy Damier 30 that I still don’t have on my arm! *end side note* Why is this grown man in public with this blue shower cap and my purse! bwahahahaha! this truly made my day! I had been to the end of the itnernet and back and decided to check in on and boy oh boy! was I happy I did! hahaha! I can’t stop laughing! I will be sending this picture over IM and email in a few moments, but I had to share with the rest of the world not on my persoanl email and IM list! I hope this makes you laugh as much as it still makes me laugh!!


One Response to “Funniest Picture EVER!”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    He ought to be ashamed of himself!! LMAO. This takes me back to Baby Boy.

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