ANTM re-cap!

Ms. Jay said it best!

We talk about how the model is beautiful or the picture is beautiful, but we never talk about how they make the clothes look” UM YES! This IS a MODEL show but models are to MODEL clothes! I truly think Tyra is the most ignorant, bad lace-front wig-wearing hating ass wench!

They are sending the wrong people home for the wrong reasons! And let’s all be clear here, as cute and pretty as Whitney is *and as much as I would like to see her go far in the competition*, she isn’t going to win; neither is that other “plus” size model. But that could be a good thing! I mean look at Tocarra. Plus, these so called Next Top Models don’t ever um…model!

And what the hell does Ty-Ty mean when she says to Felicia that she needs more time! dammit Tyra! did u not get into modeling when you were like 16! most professional, “won’t get out of bed for less than $10,000 per day” models were like infants when they became models!

As much as this show enrages me from Tyra’s choice in shiny, ghetto-tastic doo rags to the non talent these girls have, I must tune in each week to see the foolishness that will ensue! If it weren’t for Ms. and Mr. Jay and these characters they call models, I wouldn’t be able to stand it!


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