Spotlight 25

I happened to be flipping channels today and saw a commercial for a show on Lifetime called Spotlight 25. The show is being hosted by Willow Bay and will premiere Monday at 8 PM. This show will be “candid commentary from an engaging group of young women, including Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, on the hot topics that affect their lives.” I am very interested in tuning in to this show as it has everything to do with me; a 25 year old young lady.

If you go to the site,, you can find out more information about some of the women being interviewed from reading their biographies, take a poll, and see a preview of the upcoming show.

The show will focus on life, love, sex and “having it all.” I am really interested to see what other 25 year old women are doing now that they are out of school, or in grad school, and in the work force. I wonder if they, like me, went to school for xyz and are doing NOTHING that has to do with their degree. I wonder if they are searching for that perfect job that can flourish into a career that will be lucrative and fulfilling. Are they trying to find a way to balance their measly paycheck between bills, rent, and going out here and there? Are they going through the trials and tribulations of dating? How are they balancing their faith in God with the world tugging at you left and right? I want to know if these women are just like me, young, fabulous, ambitious and ready to take on the world, but are running into roadbumps along the way to success. Hope you tune in!!


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thought you might be interested in this interview about the show:

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