So I’m driving back from the post office mailing out my eBay auctions stuff and I see a minivan. This minivan’s driver is clearly crazy as they keep weaving in and out of lanes and turning around in the front seat and doing all sorts of things. Finally, I am able to get around this vehicle and I take a look over and I see like 5 kids AND a damn dog and a frantic mother in the driver seat! I literally got chills! Inside that minivan is my biggest fear…children, 5 of them, and a dog! The look on her face was something I will never forget! It read of dispair, anxiousness, fear and loathing. That minivan must have been her own personal hell, at least it would have been mine. But why is she driving around with 5 kids, and a dog, all probaly under the age of 8! What are you doing!

It’s women like her that I see in the mall or the grocery store with a kid on her hip, 2 in the cart or stroller and one walking while holding her hand that make me take my birth control every night and use condoms! I couldn’t imagine! But they leave the house with all of these kids and think they are all going to behave just because you took them out of the house?! And if it’s too overwhelming for you to handle at home, why are you coming out with all of them? Anyways, all of this was running through my mind, but at the same time, I felt sorry for the woman.

Her husband probably works some 60 hr a week job to pay for all those kids and for her to stay home. She has to cook, clean and take care of the kids 24/7. They probably barely, if ever have any sex because both are so stressed. But, they live in some huge $1.2mm home with a view of the golf course, so it makes it all worth it, or so they think. I think their life sucks! I think my life rocks! 🙂 Anyways, just thought I’d share my random thoughts. I hope that lady went home and had a stiff drink…or husband 😉


2 Responses to “Random”

  1. don beezy Says:

    lol you have a very active imagination!

  2. rebelleBAP Says:

    lol!!! That’s crazy. When I was a little younger like 24-25, I used to see the same women in the mall day after day when I worked in the mall with two in a double stroller and one strapped to her chest all under four years of age looking frazzle trying get me to give her the “big” dressing room so can go in try on clothes her husband didn’t “authorize”her to buy and oh yeah, breast feed the baby. I said to myself,”I’ll never have on of those double strollers” Now, All you have to do is check the trunk of car!!! I’m scared of those broads with all them bams in their car too. But some women chose that life. I now make sure that that Birth Control patch is secure to my ass EVERY week!!! I do just fine with the two kids I got.:)

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