That pretty much sums up the past couple of days here in San Francisco. I came to SanFran for a biz trip to meet my counterparts and sales team! I am so happy to finally meet them! It’s great to put a name to an email address and IM screename. So anyways, to the fun stuff.

So I woke up Monday morning around 6 AM EST to catch my 9 AM flight to the West Coast. This 5 hour flight was a pretty standard flight. I had a chatty seat mate who was a lawyer. She was very chatty, but that morning it didn’t bother me and we talked for a good portion of the flight before the movie started. I had the window and she HAD to have the window open, fine, no biggie, I was going to be sleep in no time. Something though was a little, um off about said lawyer. We were having normal convo and the way she was staring into my eyes was making me nervous ha! Not only was she peering deep into my soul, she asked me on more than one occasion to join her in the restroom. UM! nah homey, I’m good. Anyways, we land, we get our luggage get into the cab and go straight to work.

I wanted to see our hotel because people kept ranting and raving about how fabulous it is, I wanted to see it! That ofcourse did not happen until much, much later in the day. Mind you, we worked till about 8 or 9 West Coast time, went to the hotel, washed my face, and started the night. We began in our ultra swanky lounge bar where i threw back a couple Crown’s and diets. We then headed off to a heavy Italian meal with more drinks. From there we went to this ultra 70’s spot complete with crushed velvet upholstery and a disco ball. Fun times definitely for a Monday. But it didn’t end there as we took it back to our ultra chic hotel bar and shut the bar down.

On to Tuesday…

So apparently Monday night was a “low key” night. Hmmm I wonder what Tuesday had in store for me as we had scheduled Happy Hour drinks. Work was hard haha! I missed my sleep, but never the less, I prevailed and went to Happy Hour, which tunred into a fabulous precursor to the um, eventful night!!

We leave Blue Pointe and head to the Marina neighborhood and go to this little quaint place. Inside were about oh, 3 people and a bar tender and DJ. We quickly overtook the place and tore up the dance floor! I even got a stint at bar tending and got behind the bar and made a round of shots! Definitely fun. I drank WAY to damn much yesterday and paid for it 😦 oh well, time for round 3, the finale tonight! We are going to a Tequilla bar so I already know! Patron alllll night!!! 🙂


One Response to “Cupcake!!!”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    WTH @ the lady asking you to joing the Mile High Club.

    Sidebar: I just love the word “swanky.” I think I’ll use it sometime.

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