ANTM(ail order bride), hip-hop chick

WHY!!!! is Natasha’s ass on this show!?!?!? Who spells things wrong and just smiles and says things like it’s ok to spell things wrong as long as it sounds right lol! She’s a mess! But when she came out in her ‘hip-hop’ get up! WOW!!! she put foil on her tooth! ‘What it do shawty!’

Cha-cha is working it!

Renee is an ass! If I ever see her I will just kick her in the face just because! Ms. Jay said she had an adam’s apple! LOL!!!!!

I hate Sarah! Why is she on this show! She’s the MOST bland thing ever!

Whit! What happened this week?

Diana is whack, get her off the show! She wants to be on the show ‘just cuz’ um, leave! You suck!

Britney needs to moisturize her situation! Her hair is FRIED!

And Dionne, thank you for hitting up the jean closet and getting some jeans with a 36 inch inseam! Yo go girl with your bad self! (although you looked a bit like Morris Chestnut ha!)

**Special note to Tyra’s side swept bang**

Dear Ty-Ty’s side swept bang. Why must you taunt me so? You know you aren’t near long enough or thick enough to cover big Ty’s forehead! And why are you so plastered on her head like that! Oh well, I’m hoping next weeek you will be tied up in some awful wiggy-weave, or covered up by some sort of sparkly doo rag-esque headband! Ok, that’s all. I hope you heed my note as I do not appreciate you trying so so hard to do something we all know can’t happen!


2 Responses to “ANTM(ail order bride), hip-hop chick”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    You are really on these shows, I see! I missed Top Model last night. LOL @ Rene’s Adam’s Apple. She makes me sick!

  2. don beezy Says:

    i felt so bad for natasha. she just doesn’t get it. renee is a grade A ass! the last two vogue issues had ladies thicker then usual on them so she can shut up! she looks like trailor trash to me. i think they are just keeping her on for the jade-effect. although i must admit, begrudgingly, that she did do well this week. but still she gets on my nerves.

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