College Hill? Interns?

Does anyone even watch this garbage besides me!? How they ended up in the beautiful Virgin Islands is beyond me! But anyways, and now they want people who are ‘young’, ‘talented’ and on their ‘grind’! Oh BET! dammit! dammit! dammit!

Why are you putting these uppity ass OC biatches up in the same house with these mellow ass island folk! Oh yeah, for drama. Except you are not MTV and you suck at this Tracey Edmonds! You hear me? Why, after how ever many seasons, haven’t you stepped your game up? The show still looks like my lil brother is running behind them taping everything! ha!

Anyways, what I wouldn’t do to be back in St. Thomas! That place was such a wonderful experience and get-a-way! And now these obnoxious idiots from OC are there. I mean, yeah you get people in a house there are going to be fights, but um look outside your door! It’s beautiful water and white sandy beaches! Enjoy yourselves bitches! (Krystal, I’m talking about you!)

She’s such a stuck up whiny brat! I can’t wait till someone really does snap and go off on her ass. She sucks.

That’s it for my reality show DVR wrap up! I am taking my ass to bed. I have a loooong day tomorrow! It’s my girl’s bachelorette pooortay! It’s going to be insane. I won’t be back to posting until Monday!

**Muchos Besos**

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