Then get out of my car!

Hahahahaaha! That tool Spencer is a world class ASSCLOWN! hahaha! Ol’ toothy and his threats to Heidi! But we allllll know that dingbat will move in with Spence. Plus we all now know that Spencer is her manager and comandeered a spread in GQ mag for “Princess Heidi” Anywho, on to what is important!

Whitney! Fabulous Whitney! She’s so damn adorable and looked almost as good as Hillary did in her Oscar dress! But um, I must address the fact that Lauren and Whitney did not know who Andre Leon Talley was! Um any human being with a PULSE should know who Mr. Andre Leon Talley is! He is the ULTIMATE fashionista! He was a fashionista before people knew what the hell a fashionista was! He is utterly and uberly fab!

And I hope dear Whitney gets that fabulous job for Teen Vogue! She damn deserves it! Ok, now that I’m back in town, I have more DVR’d shows to get through, but i HAD to watch the Hills!



One Response to “Then get out of my car!”

  1. Southern_Lady Says:

    You beat to the punch! I have a draft about The Hills that I hadn’t published yet. Heidi played herself as usual. And will continue to play herself next week. I pity the fool. Andre: All the Gucci, Prada and Louis in the world, but NO dental work, huh?

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