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Number 8 is great!

April 30, 2007

Round 1, #8 – Jamaal Anderson – Atlanta Falcons.
In the craziness of the weekend, I am just now able to check the NFL draft picks! Guess I will be visiting Atlanta alot more often 😉 6’5 or 6’6, according to dif sites…yezzir! I will be taking in a few Falcon games in the ‘A’ fo sho!


It’s been a long time…

April 30, 2007

Since I left you with a dope blog to read! SO here goes! Where to begin! Well let’s start with Wednesday when me and my CB ‘broke up’ due to him becoming emotionally INSANE! I don’t need him on the phone telling me how he’s mad I only call him when I’m drunk and…anywho, blah! It’s been our ‘arrangement’ for 3 damn years and you wanna catch feelins now? um, next!

BTW last week was the last week at my job with AOL *sad face* I’m going to miss those people!!! So Thursday was my going away happy hour…a Happy time it was! And a drunk time…playing beer pong and flip cup till the wee hours of the morning! lol so fun! But um, let’s bring it to Friday morning, my last day, and my ass was SICK! So much alcohol in my system and so little time to get done what I needed to get done before I left AOL for good! Not a good combo, BUT I pulled it off! woo hoo! But I still wasn’t quite right, lol, for the rest of the day. On to my girl’s wedding rehearsal…

So after being hungover for the majority of my day, (hell the whole day), I headed over to Landsdowne resort for Tiffanys wedding rehearsal. Being the diva I am, I showed up fashionably late; not a good look, B. So we run through the processional and we get a break! I think wonderful, I can go home and sleep. Not so. By the time I get home, get a stern talking to from my mother (for being a brat), washed my face and put on some make-up, it was time to go to the rehearsal dinner! Now, a heavy, authentic Italian meal the day before getting into a satin, floor-length gown…LOL but it all worked out! To the wedding…

The day was BEAUTIFUL! I’m not talking about the weather, because it had us all nervous, but the WHOLE day! From all of us running around getting ready in the Bridal suite; hair, drinks, make-up, drinks, pictures, drinks, snacks, drinks…you get the picture, we were all on edge! We just wanted Tiffany’s day to go off without a hitch! And it did! it was a WONDEFUL, BEAUTIFUL day! Oh how I loved her wedding! It’s so nice to be around people who are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other! It may have revived my whole thoughts, ponderings, musings about love and marriage…hmmm

So tonight, I am mentally, physically and spiritually preparing for my new job tomorrow in the Recruiting field! I am very excited about this new opportunity that God has blessed me with! I am looking forward to a change of pace and gettin my career thing on. Alright ladies and gentelmen, I’m out! I gotta watch the rest of this Charm School mess! So…

That’s all.

So Hollywood at

April 29, 2007
biancaparker's recommendations at ThisNext

My good friend Fashion Kitty is having a contest to Win the fab new book Hollywood Car Wash. All you have to do is go to and make your own recoomendations! Tag them ‘Hollywood’ and you’re good to go! Check out my items I’ve recommended!


April 23, 2007

The epitome of fine and sexual chocolatey-ness *LOL*, REGGIE BUSH was in DC this weekend and NOONE told me!*granted he was at some swanky White House dinner, and I damn sure can’t penetrate the White House security, but still!!* WHAT THE F*CK! I AM SO MAD! hahha The ONLY weekend I didn’t take myself to DC, Reggie Bush was there! OMG! ugh! Guess I will have to go visit my girl in L.A. afterall and check out his fab new manse! *what, I’m not above being a crazy stalker/fan*


April 20, 2007

“And Now, Tiffany Novo. Only from Tiffany. A new brilliant cushion cut creation with spirit, fire and style. In the heart, on the hand, always.”

This is Tiffany’s new engagement ring, the Novo. A 57-facet cushion cut diamond. 4.19 carats, just the stone, people, just the stone! Not to mention how absolutely gorgeous that channel set band and matching wedding band is! OMG!

I opened my W yesterday and my heart stopped! I couldn’t even formulate a sentence to my friend I was on the phone with. I made her immediately grab her nearest fashion mag to see this brilliance that is the Tiffany Novo ring! She then understood why I was rendered speechless for about two minutes!

Simply marvelous!

Yeah, men…again

April 20, 2007

So I was talking to a male friend the other day about my issues/woes/annoyance etc with men. He flat out asked me, well B, what are you looking for? Um, good damn question. I can complain all day about this and that, but damn if I don’t have an answer to that question. I mean, I think in my head I have it, but when I try to go and explain it, it just sounds cliche and bland. And goodness knows, I do not like cliche nor bland.

So then I told him the type of guys I normally am attracted to and the type of men I normally end up with whether, dating, hanging out or otherwise. I am attracted to a very tall, 6’2-6’5 light skinned man. Why? I have no idea. It’s ingrained in my head, it’s what I like, it’s what I find attractive right off the break. And don’t fool yourselves if you think looks have nothing to do with it, because looks have evrything to do with it. You don’t know a person’s personality unless you talk to them and get to know them…

I normally run into two types of men: the ‘Hustler’ or this new breed of metro sexual lame ass men, who will be refered to just as mslam for the rest of this entry. Now the type of ‘hustler’ I meet vary, LOL. There are the street pharmacists *smh*, the corporate ones, and the promoters, damn promoters! But maybe the last two can be lumped into one. But this is my blog so they will remain separate.

The ‘Hustler’
I shouldn’t have anything to do with this type of man, but damn if I’m not meeting them left and right. Opposites attract? Probably so, but whatever. I tried to explain to him that at least this type of man is somewhat ‘predictable’ and ‘consistent’. I use those adjectives because with the hustler lifestyle *mind you, yes, this does sound as silly to me in my head as it sounds to those reading it* they are always on the move and not readily available to you. During a time in my life, this was good for me because I wasn’t looking for anything serious, so meeting up here and there was cool with me. Hell, it has worked out for better of the past three years. That was until I started growing up and realizing, um, B, you deserve better and oh, so much more. This is where the MSLAM comes in…

I vowed to stop going into the club after I turned 25. So last August 26, 2006 marked the last day I would go to the club and I meant it! I hate meeting people in the club. Understand, I don’t go there to meet them, but inevitably, you will infact meet people at the club. Anyways, me and girls started trying new venues and locations and different avenues of entertainment. These new places were great! Nice, upscale, Grown & Sexy type places. Wonderful! Except, I started seeing this weird trend; Men getting all dolled up and being fresh to def. I’m talking button-ups (dammit Jay-Z) v-neck sweaters, ties, and a blazer. ugh! I mean, I know I sound silly, but I don’t like my man to be prettier than me! But I do, however, like a man that can clean up nicely. I don’t know, maybe I just have something against this new wave of mslam because they seem really nice at first; They will call you alot, email and text and even *gasp* take you out on a few dates. And while all of that seems nice, they are just an asshole in Brooks Brother’s knockoffs.

Either way, I tire easily and think I like a bit of mystery and drama in my life. But to that, I get so annoyed when boys stop calling, emailing, texting abruptly. ugh. I’m just confused and annoyed. This blog was a big rant about nothing. I lost my whole train of thought, but I’m posting it anyways! haha

That’s all. *B*


April 19, 2007

Fabulous Designer. I must have her clothes on my back! I read about this designer in the recent Essence magazine. I must say she is a fab chick indeed! In the photo from the article, she has on these fabulous YSL red patent leather pumps! I’m so jealous of them as they are incredibly fabulous and I would totally rock the hell out of them! Anywho, please visit this talented designer’s website to check out her recent collection. Tori Nichel If you are so lucky to live in the following states, you can find what stores carry her items by calling 917.415.2842

New York
Here are my favorites from the site:

SPR ’07

A/W 2006

Fab stuff indeed!


April 16, 2007

The White House said President Bush was “horrified” by the massacre, but reiterated Bush’s support for the right to bear arms. Bush later offered prayers for the victims.

Ummmmm, wtf! Wow is all I can say. We need to pray for the family members that senselessly lost loved ones. And it looks like we still need to continue to pray for this, this man who is the President of the US of A…*smh*

photo and statement via AOL Top News

That Plight…

April 15, 2007

Of the fabulous, intriguing, educated, ambitious, beautiful, talented, ________ (enter in your own adjective), twenty-something woman. For me and my friends, it’s the same old thing; lame men. Why? Why? Why!? So my friend and I went out this weekend to a couple new places just to check them out. She was talking with her father prior to when we went out and this is what he said to her, “K, how come you and B never go out with men?” WOW! Now you know its a damn shame when someone elses father is making comments like that! But, he also doesn’t know the men that we come in contact with; he wouldn’t want us going out with them, trust me.
We do go out with men, but it’s after that 2nd or 3rd date that shyt gets crazy and its all over, just like that. Why is that? um you would have to ask the lame men who insist on taking us out, then cuttin up within a months time…next!

So another one of my friends went out to a new spot and ran into a man she did NOT want to speak to. But, she is a nice girl, unlike myself, and she entertained this too long convo. During this convo a few key things happened that would turn off any girl! One, he was talking her ear off and stretching out the convo all while she’s sitting there swirling around the ice cubes in her empty drink. *um, if you are going to talk me to death, at least make it worthwhile and get momma a freshun!* So keep in mind that this bamma did not offer to buy her a drink. Now this is the doosey! He asked her if it would bother her, because it has bothered other women in the past, that he is 29 *DAMN 29* and still lives at home with his parents……………………*I flat-lined at hearing this comment!* Um was this dude serious! If he has to throw that up in his “game” then, yes homey, this is a huge issue that you clearly need to work out! He even told her that he helps out around the house! Damn, son! I hope the hell you do help around the house, i e pay the house note! You are too damn grown to be living in your parents house your whole life! *yes, his whole life, he never left even for college…* So I’m thinking to myself, if you have lived at home your whole life and have NEVER paid rent, then you must be pretty well off, financially. Of course I don’t know, but I’m assuming so. So he could probably have bought out the whole bar, let alone have bought my poor friend a drink who had to listen to this bamma drone on and on about how he NEXT!

So anyways, that plight. That same plight does not only apply so us foxy 20-somethings, but to our family members and their friends who are in their 30s and 40s. Yes, please try and close your mouth from shock! I was speaking with my 30-something cousin who, has never been married and is dating a 50 yr old off and on! UGH!!! And her mother. My aunt is all, “B, you’re so pretty. Where’s your man?” Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! Auntie, I wonder that myself sometimes! I am one of the few fabulous ladies who has her own shyt, no damn ankle biters, a place, a ride and a good ass job! But, I guess that’s not enough nowadays… But all these comments by family this weekend got me thinking. And if anyone knows me, I hate to go there, because it’s like a vicious cycle; you just won’t come up with an answer, you just can’t.

And it doesn’t make me feel any kind of hope when I hear of 40-somethings, yes twice our age, going through the same ish that me and my girls go through! How re-damn-tarded is it that 20 yrs from now, I still may be dealing with the same crap! um, someone will have to shoot me cuz this is not it! I do try and keep hope alive, but when I look around and see lame, metrosexual men around me, it makes me sad. Where are the real men at? ugh! nevermind…

*B* over and out!

Patron, Hennessy, Crown Royal

April 14, 2007

Don’t mix! I feel like death warmed over! I love ice cold shots of Patron that have been poured over ice and shaken and then served to me with a huge slice of lime. But, I also have a love for dark liquors. Hennessy used to be my vice Sophomore year in College. Crown Royal is just my ish. But now, I feel like someone was beating my head all night and when I woke up they stopped. I can’t sleep anymore because apparently I took a sleeping pill last night so I would just completely pass out; which I did. When I woke up to my phone ringing, I thought perhaps I just might die. You know that feeling when you are dead sleep and you forgot your phone was on the loudest ringer ever AND vibrate! OMG! my heart still hasn’t stopped beating! Anyways, I walk into my living room and my door is unlocked and my keys are on the floor right by the door…um WTF! I must be crazy! But not as crazy as someone named “T” who repeatedly called my cell phone for 4 hours straight, left voicemails and massive amounts of text messages. Who is this person? Shyt, I don’t know. A pimp never reveals her secrets! LOL i’m silly. But really, I must have been gone, because I don’t just give out my number. I barely like taking numbers! I will be camping out in front of my TV watching all of my DVR’d shows from the week. Hopefully I will catch up on my missed sleep from this week also.

Over and out!