Tango Loves NY! um…wtf?!

I mean, we all knew that NY would pick Tango’s TMNT lookin self, but did we REALLY see the proposal coming!!!!!!! What’s he damn thinking! He can’t marry a tranny, or can he? hmmm maybe that’s his steeze? Who knows. I mean to each his own, but he’s got to always worry about her synthetic hair cathing on fire or her fur eyelashes blowing off in the wind! But he sure doesn’t have to worry about whether or not their sex life will be bomb! LOL! I mean anyone who can grind in some see through leggings has got IT! LOL!!!!

When she started doing all that I damn near puked up my dinner! Noone wants to see that nasty mess! NOONE! (not even Tango) Did you see his face! hahaha! He was like, “ah man, I gotta hit that tonight…ah well, at least I get something out of it!” That NY looks like she sucks a mean penis hahahaahahaahahaha!

Oh, and for those of you who haven’t seen the finale yet…lo siento!

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