I know…

I haven’t blogged. I haven’t been too inspired to write about what’s going on in the world or my life…that was until I came across this pic from People’s Star Tracks! I swear, they never dissapoint me! From rampant pictures of stupid celebutantes and too many pics of Brangelina, there is always a gem here and there.
This is a photo of the marvelous Skateboard P on his b-day in NY with Diddy and Jay. I’m sure they had lots of fun, but um, they all look so damn fruity the way they are holding their champagne glasses! hahahaha It just looks sooooooo funny! And they all seem caught off gaurd too. Like if they were to pose they would have had a glass of Courvoisier or some Hen. I mean yeah, I know Ace of Spades is Jay’s chanpagne and all, but the pic is just too funny!


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